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Makeup trends that made the Decade

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There is no doubt that the 2010s was a fantastic decade for beauty.

Thanks to the likes of brands like Fenty Beauty, we saw the much-needed expansion of foundation shades to cater for all skin tones. We saw viral beauty trends such as glitter roots sweep the internet and new beauty brands making their mark in the industry (I’m looking at you, Glossier).

So, for the last beauty article of 2019, I thought I would look at the trends that have made its mark on the past decade and what is predicted to hit big starting in 2020.

And the categories are…


The Trend of the 2010s- Instagram Brows

Instagram launched in October 2010 and is now the second most popular social network. Beauty bloggers, influencers, makeup artists and models have stormed the social media app, sharing their best makeup tips and tricks to their followers at home.

Enter, the Instagram brows. You know the ones I’m taking about: the sleek, painted eyebrow with an ombre and feathered front. It’s impossible to log on to the app and not see hundreds of makeup videos featuring this bold style.

The Upcoming Trend- Feathered Brows

Now we’ve just started to see this trend sneak in at the end of the decade but there is no denying the popularity of this look. Thanks to celebrities with beautifully bold brows like Zendaya, the popularity of the feathered brow has sky-rocketed and brands are eager to accommodate, such as ICONIC London’s ‘Brow Silk’. I predict this trend will have longevity and take us well into the next decade.


The Trend of the 2010s- Contouring and Baking

Making your face as sculpted and as chiselled as possible was an undeniable craze in this last decade. Arguably made popular by the Kardashians, this airbrushed look has dominated red carpets and YouTube’s makeup tutorials for years. I mean, who doesn’t want cheekbones like Cara Delevingne?

The Upcoming Trend- A Dewy Glow

The constant and relentless release of glow-inducing products by hundreds of makeup brands suggests that this is where the makeup movement is heading next year. Perhaps an easier alternative to the slightly trickier art of contouring and baking, glowy skin is pushing its way to the forefront of the skincare and beauty markets.


The Trend of the 2010s- The Sparkly Eye

Shimmers and sparkles aren’t just for festivals and concerts anymore! Celebrities such as Lady Gaga have been rocking this look and making it a staple in our makeup bags all decade long. This look is a favourite for brands, celebrities and consumers alike.

The Upcoming Trend- Less is More

The ‘no-makeup makeup’ look has competed with heavy makeup for years but it looks set to become a key-trend of the next decade. Already being featured on spring/summer catwalks such as Burberry, the barely-there eye makeup looks allows the focus to lie on gorgeous, dewy skin. Sometimes, less really is more.


The Trend of the 2010s- Liquid Lipsticks

When Kylie Cosmetics launched their first liquid lip kits in 2015, they sold out in just minutes and the world went crazy for this look. Matte lips seemed to be a dominant trend in the makeup industry throughout the decade, no matter how dry our lips might have felt/looked as a result.

The Upcoming Trend- Gloss

Personally, I’ll be relieved to switch to gloss and allow my lips to breathe again. Linking back to nineties nostalgia, glossy lips are booming in popularity and brands are launching glossy products left, right and centre. Hooray for breathable lip products!


The Trend of the 2010s- Balayage and Ombre

Balayage and ombre seemed to be the perfect hair compromise in the last few years. Wanted to add colour to your hair but didn’t dare go all the way? Bored of your current hair colour and wanted to add depth and dimension? Balayage and ombre were there for you and looked stunning on any type of hair.

The Upcoming Trend- Blunt Bobs

Bobs have continued to rise in popularity (hello, having the chop is known for being an iconic post-breakup hair-do) but are predicted for big things in 2020 and beyond. Bold bobs, such as blunt bobs, are foreshadowed to make an even bigger mark on the beauty industry in the next decade.


The Trend of the 2010s- Intricate Nail Art

Whilst the 1990s may have been all about the French manicure, this current decade was a sucker for intricate nail art- you don’t need to look any further than Cardi B’s Instagram account for evidence. Exciting colours, exciting textures, and even hair at one point (which we won’t mention!) defined this decade and made nails no longer an after-thought.

The Upcoming Trend- The Updated French Manicure

That’s right, this manicure is going nowhere. Seen in fashion shows such as Kith, new and inventive takes on the French Manicure are predicted to make waves in these upcoming years. Whether the white lines are drawn on the bottom instead of the top or the lines are mirrored, there is no denying that this is still definitely the French Manicure.

Makeup and fashion trends are forever-changing and tend to be unpredictable. Who knows, maybe we’ll see more hairy nail designs cropping up on our Instagram feeds in the next decade.

Words by Madeleine Gill

Edited by Rebecca Curry

Madeleine and Hesther are your health & beauty editors

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