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Many parents have a lot to say when it comes to allowing their children to watch films; “Too much violence, too much of negativity.” I don’t disagree with this but I also feel that movies can shape us positively. I mean also as kids, we obviously need imagination to fuel our minds.

Be it Mean Girls that makes you wear pink on a Wednesday or Cinderella that has you believing that your prince charming will come galloping to you with your ‘shoe’, we’ve all grown up with films that left a mark on us.

There are countless numbers of films that are being produced every year and I have a handful of films that influenced me growing up and shaped me into the person I am today.

Asking me to pick a favourite movie genre is like asking yourself to pick your favourite meal which always seems to be impossible. But I have decided on a few companies and movie franchises to share that made an impact on my life.

Firstly, Marvel movies. I am an absolute geek and I am proud to say it. I used to dress up as the different superheroes with my brother just so we could pretend to feel like the other heroes. We clearly couldn’t fly like Thor or climb like Spiderman but we still won prizes so that was a total bonus.

Marvel movies were unrealistic and the action in them often put a lot of girls off – I mean it isn’t everyday where we see a man crawling up a building or a huge green monster smashing buildings. But there were always lessons that we could learn from them.

The two lessons that I learnt were definitely to stay true to myself and most importantly, picking the right decision for myself (even if it was the most unpopular choice). 

Marvel movies shaped me as a person, they made me realize that life was never a bed of roses and if you wanted anything you will have to work hard for it.

It also made me realise that in life there is always someone to support you – be it your lover, family or a friend. That person will always be there and you must cherish your pillar of support.

Next up, Disney. Disney movies are always everyone’s favourites. I have never come across anyone who hates it.

The movies made all of us little girls believe that we will find our prince charming and, of course, I still believe in that very strongly – the fact that true love does prevail.

Disney movies painted life like a fairy tale but they never failed to remind us that there was nothing stopping us from reaching our dreams. They are also the reason why I have never given up on my dream of being a Journalist. Now here I am, I came all the way from Singapore to England just to pursue my degree in Journalism. As I said, dreams do come true if you work hard for it.

Finally the Harry Potter franchise. A magical world filled with spells, potions, a villain without a nose and three best friends that were the epitome of friendship goals.This movie had me always sitting at the edge of the seat and begging my friends to go on an epic journey around the world with me. But, obviously we were too broke for that and none of us owned wands to magically whip up some cash.

It amazed me how three kids in my age group went on a huge journey to collect different Horcruxes and defeat the dark wizard. The movie taught me that true friendship always prevailed and to always have courage. Courage is so important and seems to be something that a lot of people lack.  At the end of the day, someone has to pick up the courage to ask for that cute guy or girl’s number or to speak up during lectures.

Harry Potter also reminded us that we should never let fear control us. We can never get anything done if we are always living our life in fear.

To me, movies always had a deeper meaning to them. You can learn values such as trust, courage and friendship from these movies. My parents always encouraged us to watch movies because movies bring us into another dimension, they expand our knowledge and lets us kids dream and be creative. As a child, you need to have the time to let your imagination engulf you, let yourself dream and that’s how goals are formed.

So I hope you will grab your friends and hit the cinema sometime soon and let your imagination run wild because we are never too old to dream!


Words by Yasivini Raveendra

Edited by Maisie Green

Khushi and Hannah are your entertainment editors

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