LFW 2015: My First Fashion Week Experience

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London Fashion Week has been something I’ve always wanted to go to and this year I was lucky enough to attend with a press pass. Even though from the moment I woke up at the crack of dawn it was a hectic day that left my feet in pieces, it was so, so worth it.



As a golden glow washed over the beautiful city of London, fashionistas from all over the world flocked to Brewer Street in Soho. For the past 62 years London Fashion Week has made its home at Somerset House, but this year the location has moved. The change was made in order to expand the event and welcome Londoners to join in the celebration of fashion. As well as this, the move was also an attempt to boost sales in local shops and encourage local entrepreneurship.




As I got closer to the site, the typical London business types faded away into a vast sea of colourful, weird wonderfulness. One of the main reasons I love fashion is because it is a form of self-expression; each outfit I saw left me wondering what it was that had inspired that person to wear sock and sandals or risk double denim.

London Fashion week does strange things to the city. It changes a lot of things amidst the usual hustle and bustle of city life, however one thing I noticed a particular change in was the traffic. Usually, if you were to cross a road in a red light or not at a zebra crossing, then you most certainly have a death wish, as drivers will not wait for you. But come fashion week, none of this matters. I couldn’t believe my eyes as black cab drivers waited patiently for bloggers to glide across the road in a bid to get that ‘I’m not aware of you taking my picture I’m just simply crossing the road’ look. Even when one very brave soul set his camera to self timer and left it in the road to take an on foot shot of his trainers, a car waited patiently for him to get it perfect and there was no angry beep, swearing or hand gesture in sight. Unbelievable.



Another way the city changes during fashion week is the manner of the people. I come from a small town near the Welsh border where it is seen as very rude if you don’t smile at passers-by, so when I do this in the city I’m surprised when I don’t get a smile back and find the person staring at me as if I have two heads.

But in fashion week this is a different story. I found people actually asked me whether I was having a nice day or complimented my outfit. London Fashion Week was much friendlier than I first anticipated and I loved the way that everyone swaps details or contacts for individual clothing brands. Basically, London Fashion Week is like a big fashion family reunion and everyone is interested in what you’re currently doing and your plans for the future.

Everyone is very polite and courteous until you get into a show: this is where the game changes. As soon as you sit on that row, multiple recording devices at the ready, and the lights go down, everyone gets their game face on. Those lucky people on the front row don’t really care about your obstructed view due to their heads/body/ cameras being in the way, all they care about is “the shot”. Which is completely fair enough as we are all there for the exact same reason. However this wasn’t such a problem for me; I am unnecessarily tall for a girl so my gangly long arms could take good pictures just fine, and my giraffe neck meant I could see the models head to toe and take in the whole glorious creation parading down the runway in front of me.


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The main thing I learned from attending fashion week was this is what I really really want to do with my life. I found myself smiling like a Cheshire cat throughout the whole day because I was genuinely so happy to be there. I was so inspired by every individual creation that strutted passed me. Even the invitations to the shows were incredible. Every inch of fashion week was more than I ever thought it would be and I can’t wait to return again next year. I should probably start planning my outfits for LFW 2016 now!

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Words by Jess Davis

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