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Our fashion editor Millie Dexter is here every Monday to give us the lowdown on how to look effortlessly chic in this years lectures, so take a seat and grab your notebook.

November. Where has this year gone? I’ve had to wave a final goodbye to my Birkenstocks until next year (with the exception of late night sainsburys runs in socks and sandals).

The silver lining of this – a new pair of winter boots. The Instagram world has recently fallen head over *heels* for a pair of soft grey Dior ankle boots from the 2015 fall collection.

Simons’ futuristic creativity does not disappoint here as the patent calfskin upper is complimented perfectly by the pink translucent heel. Quick bit of googling reveals the £1,100 price tag – I’m not sure my mum would be understanding of the investment.

So, I’ve taken it upon myself to find an affordable alternative to add to the lecture chic wishlist, and where do I turn?  Zara. This pair of red vinyl-look ankle boots are an absolute steal at £39.99 – sometimes fast fashion is the best kind of fashion.
Words by Millie Dexter

Photographs from Polyvore

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