Kanye’s fashion debut: a look back at Yeezy

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Our fashion writer Ellena reflects on Kanye’s transition into the world of designer fashion.

Whether you love him or hate him, hail him as a fashion god or a designer devil, ‘Yeezus’ has definitely made an impression with both of his fashion collections. His Yeezy collection 1 and 2 have both hit high fashion headlines with the bold use of, actually, no real colour palette besides dusty beiges and cutting edge structures of, well, the baggiest of everything. As his sell out ‘Yeezy’ trainer, which he created in collaboration with Adidas, wins the Shoe of the Year accolade, following the likes of Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik and Stuart Weitzman, we take a look back on how and why his creative flow made such a lasting impact on the fashion industry…

Yeezy season 2 brings a few more tones and textures to the table when compared to Kanye’s debut collection, but it’s the original Yeezy collection that will always be his signature. His first ever fashion show at NYFW unveiled his Yeezy Season 1 in a bold statement of surprising subtlety: visuals were taken back to basics with no graphics or logos, despite what one might expect when they think of something Kanye West has designed, and garments were given an almost ‘tramp stamp’ feel, with fraying materials and figure-hugging shapes.

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He had definitely done something different – that can’t be denied. Kanye even managed to get his wife, Kim Kardashian West, to dress head to toe in Yeezy, in an un-shapely camouflage coat over a nappy style bodysuit (if only he could have also persuaded Anna Wintour…).

Both collections are most certainly a visionary of a Kanye future, not only with the clothes themselves but the variety of the looks and ethnicities of the models, long overdue in my opinion.yeezy getty
Kanye successfully caused fashion upheaval with Yeezy Season 2 at NYFW 2015 when he announced the location and time of his fashion show at the last hour, sending Vogue reporters and the whole of the Kardashian clan in a daze. Which maybe explains why Kendall Jenner was sitting in the second row- he does like to cause drama doesn’t he?

Bringing it all back to the Yeezy trainer, and you can understand why it has been such a hit amongst both high fashion experts and amateurs. The shoe has a look of a Nike free run, with a modern pattern and comfortable, casual fabric. The announcement read: “This year’s Shoe of the Year honour recognises the insatiable demand for all things Yeezy”. And the obsession over all things associated to the most outspoken designers on the fashion landscape right now does not seem to be stopping.

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Words by Ellena Rowlin

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