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“The Covasettes”, a name you will undoubtedly be hearing a lot of in this upcoming year.

With explosive guitar riffs, vibrantly playful lyrics and tracks perfectly encapsulating the feelings of British youth, the indie-rock four-piece from Manchester are taking the up and coming music scene by storm.

They have also recently announced the release of their fourth single “Wild”, which is to be released on October 12. The track is rumoured to be in line with their signature upbeat and energetic style, with the band saying: “From the minute we finished Wild, it was a song we were immediately excited about and it quickly became a staple in our setlist.”

I got the chance to catch up with lead singer Chris before their show at Cafe Totem in Sheffield supporting Idolising Nova.

How did you guys initially form the band?

We all met at university and started from there. Matt (Lead Guitar) and I began playing a few songs I’d written and we’d played a few open mic nights but it just wasn’t doing it for us. So along came Buckley on the drums and Jamie on bass and they sort of glued it all together! It’s definitely not a love story, but that’s how it happened!

Bands are always changing and developing their stylings, do you ever see yourselves taking your sound anywhere else?

To be honest, we already have changed our ‘sound’ a few times. Songs like Top Drawer & Wild are very different to This Feeling. We’ve definitely embraced our inner summer vibes. But more recently the new material we’re writing has a much faster pace to it. I think for us, we never want to have two songs sounding the same, so we’re not scared to shy away from ‘formulas’ which have worked for us in the past, because we always want to be moving forward and improving. So our sound is always going to change because of that.

If you were teenagers during the 80s in Manchester which bands would you have loved to have seen live?

Good question, I reckon we’d pop down to see The Stone Roses. That’d be the main one. Then bands like The Smiths & New Order. I’d have loved to have seen them in a small room!

In such a competitive industry, what tips would you have for bands that are just starting out?

I wouldn’t say we have all the answers yet, but I’d definitely say you should take every opportunity that comes your way, however small or big it seems to be, and just smash it. You never know who’s listening, so don’t be acting like Sir Liam Gallagher and start smashing the place up. Apart from that, I’d say focus on ‘getting good’, play as often as you can and get all your mistakes out the way!

Would you say in the age of social media that online self promotion is very important in gaining a fan base? Do you think that bands need managers nowadays?

It’s huge. I think more importantly it gives people a chance to get to know the band. Like our Twitter is just a horror show but we love it!

We’ve done okay without a manager so far, we do everything on our own and we quite like being in control of what happens with the band, it’s like our baby.

You guys have just moved into #Casadelcova, what’s that been like? What made you make the move?

It’s been class, we’re constantly having a laugh and it’s always such good vibes. We have a ‘band room’ in our basement which has far too many fairy lights hung up on the walls but it’s so cool. We’re constantly down there practicing or just having a 10/10 fun time.

We made the move because we wanted to give the band a big push. So many bands, in fact, too many bands are having to split up because life comes calling, and we didn’t want to do that. We absolutely love what we do and we really do believe in it. So we just decided to really go for it and put everything we have into it, we’ve all made sacrifices but we wouldn’t change it for the world!

What’s your biggest goal for the band? Where would you like to be in 5 years time?

For us, I think it just comes down to packing out rooms wherever we go and giving people a top night. Some of the best nights I’ve ever had have been going to see bands with my mates, so we’d love to recreate that for someone else. We enjoy the small things in this band, we’ve watched it grow from nothing so we’re made up when we see people coming to our shows and singing our songs back to us.

But in 5 years time, I definitely want to be on a sun lounger in LA, calling over a butler to pour me my third martini of the day, and it’s only 8AM. I want Jamie to have dreadlocks and attend vegan protest marches around the globe, Hewlett to be in a one man band, with a cult following, where he lives on a canal boat with only a ukulele and his cat. And Buckley will no doubt be driving about in his helicopter, getting away from his multiple stalkers. Like I said, we enjoy the small things.

You’re dropping your new track ‘wild’ next week, what can we expect from it?

YES. It’s one of our favourite songs. We’ve been so excited about releasing it since the moment we’d finished it as a band, but now the time is right and we’re so excited to see what people have to say about it. It sounds huge, the chorus is massive and it’s just all round good vibes!


Words by Megan Drew


Featured image courtesy of The Covasettes

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