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Alexa, I think I’ve broken the repeat button on my Spotify, how do I fix it…

It’s true, I’ve found it difficult, if not impossible, to stop listening to the new Sea Girls track “All I want to hear you say”, a catchy, upbeat, feel-good tune with feel-not-so-good (yep that’s a thing) lyrics that a lot of us can resonate with in, if anything, quite a comforting way.

With flawless dynamism pairing effortless vocals with cleverly layered instrumentals, it’s obvious why Sea Girls have the reputation of being one of 2018’s biggest breakout indie bands.

The release of the new single comes just before the start of their UK and Ireland Tour, where they will be playing some notorious venues including Sheffield’s famous Leadmill on October 12. I was lucky enough to catch up with their frontman Henry to find out more:

How are you feeling about playing the iconic Leadmill in Sheffield following in the footsteps of the likes of the Arctic Monkeys, Oasis and The Stone Roses?

A bit like when we were looking forward to playing King Tuts Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow. It’s kind of a fuzzy charged feeling to know we are on a UK tour playing legendary venues like this.

How would you describe Sea Girls’ sound? Are you still experimenting with it?

I’d say it’s the kind of instant sound that stirs something in you. You can’t just sit down and listen to it. You have to get up and move around with no real purpose. Our sound is urgent and addictive. Unlike a lot of addictions this one is good for you.

Where would you like to see the band in five years time? Do you have any collective goals?

We should be on a third album by then making the most ambitious music yet. To tour around the world is a big band collective goal.

If you could take on tour any other band in the UK music scene who would you want to bring along?

I’d ask The Pale White and Vistas to join us…… oh wait! That’s already happening in October – guilty!

What are some of your favourite songs to perform and why?

At the moment my personal favourites are “Lost” and our new single “All I Want To Hear You Say.” “Lost” is just such a simple direct message and means a lot to me and we love how it sounds. “All I Want To Hear You Say” feels just so powerful it gets me unhinged.

What are you most excited about in the upcoming year for the band? Have we got anything to look forward to from you guys?

We will be releasing an album in 2019. That’s always seemed like something other bands do and you just dream of.

Tell us a little bit about your song-writing process, where do you take inspiration from for your singles?

Inspiration comes from what is most on our minds. There is usually something that you care about under the skin or a feeling that needs resolving so that’s what I get out into a song. I’ve said before it can be a bit like therapy. I like our songs to be emotive and push buttons. I’m happy if people get the wrong message from them. Sometimes we bury more important themes inside them.

What are your guys opinions on staying original in an era in the midst of a flood of new music and sounds?

I remember Blur’s Graham Coxon said something like we are all original people so as long as we make music we like and not try to copy someone else’s then it will be original. The music we write always varies in its sound and I like that because it means we are being original with ourselves and not trying to replicate the last thing we recorded.  

What’s your favourite show you have played to date?

Reading Festival, yea that one!

You recently released your new single ‘All I want to hear you say’, what was the response like post release?

So much love and support from our fans. Had loads of positive vibes on the socials, feels big. Can’t wait to play it on tour at The Leadmill and share it with everyone who bought tickets to see us.

Any final words to get the beautiful music-lovers of Sheffield down to your show on October 12th?

We are so up for this show to go off and when I said “if you’re in Manchester will you come to my show” that was a slip of the tongue I mean “if you’re in Sheffield will you come to my show” no joke!!  

Words by Megan Drew

Featured image courtesy of Sea Girls/ Phil Smithie

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