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I’m very fortunate to have met Jacob Holroyd at an open mic at Yellow Arch Studios last year and I was blown away by his talent. He’s certainly an artist to watch out for this year. I had a chat with him and discussed many things including: his plans for 2019, gender inequality in the music industry and what musicians he would love to have coffee with.

1. Where do you get inspiration for your music ?

I’m very interested in what I see in the world. I would say my style is definitely observational. I try to capture a snapshot of what’s happening right now, in the news or my personal life.

2. Can you describe a bit about your song writing process?

Well it differs every time really. Sometimes I will do the melody part on guitar and get that fine tuned so that I can then add the lyrics. I’ll often sing jibberish over the melody and change the lyrics later. I try to create the skeleton of the song first. Eventually something comes out of the woodwork if you’re persistent. I try not to follow a set formula either and try to keep things as fresh as possible so that I don’t end up with the same kind of sound every time.

3. What tips would you give to aspiring singer/songwriters ?

I would say to put as much time and energy as you can into writing, nothing too pre-meditated just try out new ideas. If you keep writing then eventually you will discover your unique sound and what makes you different. Try to create a sound that represents you as a songwriter and that your happy with. You have to do it everyday really and treat it just like a job.

4. I know you used to be in the band Haze, what made you want to continue as a solo artist ?

Well after the band went their separate ways, creating music was so drilled into me that I couldn’t not do it. It just feels so habitual to me, so I enjoy being a solo artist as you have a lot more autonomy creatively as you can just go with what sound you enjoy. I feel like I’m a lot more proactive and achieve more as a solo artist. I can just keep on top of things and have a strong vision of what I want to do musically.

5. Do you have friends who help you out with your music or do you prefer to reach out to professionals in the industry?

Well I’m building a lovely team of amazing friends who are involved in my music. Chris who plays in The Amazons and his girlfriend Dani produces my music as she works at Hoxa HQ in London. Adam Pizey plays the drums and Cameron Smith plays bass, we’ve been doing some shows in London and it really helps to have backing instruments to enhance the sound.

6. If you could go for coffee with any musicians who would it be ?

That’s a good question ! I’m always a bit cautious of meeting my heroes but I would have to say Billy Eillish because I would love to ask her where she gets her inspiration. Also, Joshua from Queens of the stone age as I think he’d have a really funny sense of humour. Lily Allen as well, cause she’s just a legend and would probably be really easy to get along with. I feel like she’s very well informed of issues in today’s society. Carol King as well would be amazing as she was a songwriter in the seventies, and I bet she faced a lot of backlash for it. I’m glad that we’re starting to have a discussion in the music industry about gender inequality.

7. What do you think can be done to solve gender inequality in the music industry, it’s not as if there is a lack of really talented female musicians ?

Yeah definitely not, there are so many strong female singers out there and I realise how privileged I am. It’s definitely not an issue of quality or quantity I would say that there is a massive issue with representation. You only have to look at festival line ups and remove the male performers to see that there isn’t a balance there.

8. What are your plans for 2019 ?

I’m very excited for this year as I have four new singles being released around April. They are definitely more guitar driven and I’ve taken more of a rock direction. I was really inspired by the other worldly sound that Black sabbath and Led Zeppelin create.  I’m also performing at Ayl festival on the 27th April and Readipop festival from the 12th-14th July.

Keep up to date with Jacob @jacobrholroyd !

Interviewed and edited by: Amy Clarke

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