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With a clear sophisticated sense of identity with their sound and image, it’s surprising to think that the three-piece indie pop band ‘Idolising Nova’ have only been together since 2016.

Consistently producing captivating tracks laced with rhythmic drum sequences and anthemic choruses supplying a little slice of summer to your life through the wiring of your headphones, they are a band you definitely need to start becoming obsessed with (it won’t be hard!)

After releasing their new single “In the Wild” yesterday, they are hitting up Cafe Totem tonight with their first headline show in Sheffield. I chatted with bassist and lead vocalist for the band Jack Fulton Smith to find out more.

How are you feeling about the big release of your new track ‘In the wild’? What’s the response been like?

We were really excited to show everyone this track, even more so when the teaser videos we were putting out before the release were getting such a great reaction. The reaction since it has been released has been amazing too – we’ve had a lot of tweets and comments and everyone seems to be loving it!

You supported The Vamps on their 2018 tour in Amsterdam, Paris and Cologne, how was that for an experience?

It was incredible. The reaction we got from the crowds at each show was insane – felt very surreal seeing such a lively crowd in a different country. The venues were awesome as well!

How do you usually prepare for gigs? Do you guys have any rituals?

It’s a bit of a weird one, but we always do 10 star jumps together before we go on stage to get us pumped up a bit! We like to have a lot of energy on stage and that seems to help warm us up! (As well as a few JD & Cokes)

How are you feeling about tonight in Sheffield, have you played in the city before?

We’re really looking forward to it. We played at The Leadmill earlier in the year supporting a guy called Jessarae and it was a great crowd, so we’re looking forward to coming back for a headline show!

You’ve had a busy year so far, you even headlined the Saloon stage at Y Not festival, how was that? Did you get a chance to catch any other sets at the festival?

Y Not Festival was awesome. We were meant to play the Sunday last year, but it got cancelled due to the weather, so it was great to finally play there this year!

We saw Sam Fender and The Wombats sets before our slot – both were so good!

With you doing so much this year already, have you got anything else exciting in the works?

We’re going to be recording our debut EP over the next couple of months to release early 2019, so a lot of our time will be spent on making that as great as it can be. Our booking agent has potentially got a few exciting things lined up, but we’ll see!

You have a reputation for being a great live band, what can we expect from one of your shows?

We love seeing people enjoying themselves in the crowd, so we always try and interact with the crowd as much as we can and be lively and just have fun!

What has been your favourite show you’ve played to date?

Definitely one of the shows that we played in Europe. Amsterdam & Paris were both amazing venues and the crowd were so lively and welcoming, so those 2 shows stand out for us.

Which songs of yours do you love playing the most?

Until recently, probably Take On The World. But we love the 2 new tracks that we’ve recorded with Sugar House, so either “You Told Me You Could Dance” or “In The Wild”.

If you could pick absolutely anyone, dead or alive, to go on tour with who would it be and why?

Just because it could never happen but we would love it if it could, and they would have been really big now… Viola Beach.


Favourite ever album – I’ve thought about this for a solid 10 minutes and after a long debate with myself… it’s too hard to chose just one!

Best live show you’ve been to – a few stand out, but our fav show that we’ve been to together is probably Eliza and the Bear & KYKO at Scala in London.

Musician you look up to the most – Dan from Bastille.

Best up and coming act – Idolising Nova… OK, Sam Fender.

Best thing about being in a band – playing live shows and then meeting people who enjoyed our set after.


Words by Megan Drew

Featured image courtesy of Idolising Nova

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