INTERVIEW: Husky Loops @ Record Junkee Sheffield

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I arrived at Record Junkee where I was filled with a mixture of adrenaline and nerves when I saw Husky Loops, a band I had been playing on repeat all week,  doing a sound check on the stage for their gig, which I would be lucky enough to attend in a few hours time.

The manager introduced me to the band and they were so genuine and funny, he took us into their extremely cramped changing rooms when the drummer yelled ‘I have to pee’ and ran into the toilet. We all found it extremely hilarious, especially myself who was now cramped in what felt like a broom cupboard with a band I admired so much. When the guitarist shouted ‘I feel like we’re about to take heroin,’ the manager realised that we should go to a larger room and he took us downstairs into a room full of instruments and beautiful electric guitars, which made us all very giddy, however we soon settled on our stools for the interview.

What are you guys working on at the moment musically?

Danio (lead vocalist): Well we’re on the last gig of our UK tour and our EP ‘Spool’ is being released on Spotify today which is very exciting !

What was it like supporting David Byrne? Would you consider Talking Heads an influence?

Danio: He’s Amazing! The drummer is definitely influenced by Talking heads.

Pietro (drummer): Yeah I absolutely love them, I was really interested in how David Byrne performed in such a unique way as he had his own style of choreography and the backing dancers were in sync with the instrumentation.

Is choreography something which you guys would like to incorporate more in your gigs?

Tom (bassist): Yes definitely, we’re not all great dancers but I’m sure we could learn. For now we use visuals that are projected on the walls which are in timing with our music and we also use our pedals for sound effects in the vocals to try and form a unique sound.

Yeah I have to say you guys have a really unique sound, I really love the song ‘When I come home’ it’s very different to your other songs which are more conceptual whereas this one feels much more personal, who wrote the song in the band?

Danio: I did! Yeah it’s one of my favourite songs because I often write a lot of personal lyrics and it just hasn’t fit with our style of music. I think this one really worked out though, it’s the first song I’ve written in a diary form addressed to someone I know, where the lyrics have come first and then the music has followed. I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic.

(I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry with how much I related!)

What’s the best gig you guys have played and why?

Danio: Ahh that’s a hard one because we all have enjoyed different gigs for different reasons. But I’d definitely say our London show in Corsica studios was amazing, it turned into a rave! The Amsterdam headline show was also amazing as it’s the first gig where we felt like we were surrounded by fans singing our lyrics back to us, it was really affirming and encouraging.

How have things changed now compared to when you guys first started out?

Pietro: My hair is longer

Danio:  My nose is bigger!

Tom: I’d say things have changed because we first formed a band as schoolmates and performed to close friends in Bologna so it’s a big change and I think we are taking being musicians more seriously, but we’re loving every minute of it.

If you could each choose a musician to tour with you who would it be, dead or alive ?

Danio: That’s a good question! Flying Lotus, Brockhampton, Frank ocean, The Spice Girls, the mummified body of Lenin would work very well on stage I think.

Well I certainly wasn’t expecting that last answer, but it reflects their spontaneity which was really shown during the insanely amazing gig!

I’m so glad that my first interview was filled with laughter.

Check out Husky Loop’s new Ep ‘Spool’ on Spotify and keep up to date with their music at https://huskyloops.com/


Words by Amy Clarke

Edited by Megan Drew

Featured image courtesy of Husky Loops 

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