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I tried some of 2017’s craziest beauty trends so you didn’t have to…

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So while writing a rundown of this year’s craziest beauty trends, I thought about trying one myself. After it went hilariously wrong there was only one option: to fully commit myself to trying every single one regardless of how stupid I may look. Let’s put it this way it’s a good thing I’m a writer and not an MUA (Make-Up Artist).


Fake Freckles

So the draw/stick-on freckles phase came in fairly early to 2017 and since I already have freckles (that ginger life), I’m at a slight disadvantage. But never fear, my best friend foundation is here to save the day. The plan: cover my face, attempt to draw on freckles? See how it turns out.



Look: 2/10

Final comment: Crazy easy I just dotted my eyebrow tint over my face. Maybe this would look better with smaller dots? I’m clutching at straws here I know. This makes me look like I’m trying to fake measles to get out of school. To those who want to look like they have freckles I hope they turn out better than mine did but for now I’m going to embrace my natural ones.


Wavy Eyebrows

We’re mad about the brows. Eyebrows have taken centre stage this year with a number of ongoing trends. Let’s be honest you either love or hate them. I’ll start with wavy brows. They’ve been so popular that Snapchat created a wavy brow filter. To use that would technically be cheating this challenge.

Ease: 6/10

Look: 7 (If done correctly)/10

Final comment: I feel like mine turned out more like a handlebar moustache instead of a wavy brow. Personally the end wave I actually thought was quite cute. My eyebrows are quite thick naturally so while there’s more hair to work with taming those wild waves is pretty tough.


Feather Eyebrows

Following the Wavy brow then came Feather Brows. Created entirely by accident by make up artist Stella Sironen her original post received over 43,000 likes and 3,000 comments. Admittedly, I love them and some of the best things are created by accident, right? Now I think editorially it’s amazing but could I live up to a standard 43,000 likes. The answer? Definitely not. Probably 3-4 pity likes.

Ease: 1/10

Look: ?/10

Final comment: On the left is my first attempt, which just looks like I’ve let my eyebrows grow out. Considering I have quite thick eyebrows I expected this to go in my favour however.. it didn’t. Not wanting to totally give in, I decided to use some of my MUA eyebrow gel on some feathers from my flatmate’s pillows and with the help of Vichy foundation and a lot of persistence comes the final look. Literal feather eyebrows.. Getting a Black Swan feel from this. Editorially maybe if done properly this could look pretty awesome.


Nose Hair Extensions 

Something completely bizarre that came up on my Instagram radar the other day was a trend so odd I wasn’t sure if it was real. In the beauty world it’s quite common to use certain products for different uses- take lipstick used as blush for example. Well, this time people are using false eyelashes on their noses as..nose hair extensions?! So not wanting to use my good falsies I’ve opted for my backups. The cheat way is to wrap it around your pencil to gain the shape and then to glue it in. Here we go…

Ease: 8/10

Look: -10/10

Final comment: Now I used the pencil trick and to create the shape was super easy. However I cannot ever imagine doing this again. It looks like I’ve decided to grow a moustache or something? I will say that I thought breathing through my nose with these on would be itchy but it actually wasn’t.


Overall this article has been an absolute laugh to do. The people who can pull these off I take my hat off to you. I’m all for trying new things and indulging in a trend or two but how well everything turned out? Even my mum wasn’t a fan… Here’s to many more crazy beauty trends and my Estee Lauder make up remover for cleaning this mess up. I urge you to try these out and please share with me if you do.


Words by: Rosie Mary Kathleen Boon 

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