How to stay warm whilst looking stylish

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Keeping warm in these winter months whilst still looking fashionable can be hard – we often find ourselves choosing between either looking good or keeping warm. Luckily, there are a few ways in which warmth can be incorporated into our outfits whilst staying on trend.


Layering is the easiest way to stay trendy and warm this winter. Whether it’s turtlenecks under sweaters or tights under trousers, it is an effortless way to stay warm and still look good. Layering can also expand your wardrobe, and incorporate your loved summer pieces into winter outfits, such as a light dress that can be worn under a heavier jumper. Instead of singular, heavy layers through winter, it can be so much more comfortable to wear thinner layers that can easily be removed.

Oversized outerwear

The oversized trend is always a go-to during winter, and it’s the perfect way to remain on-trend whilst also staying warm through the cold months. The easiest way to work the oversized element into your winter wardrobe would be through big coats and oversized knitwear. Popular high-street brands, such as Topshop and Urban Outfitters, offer many styles from puffer jackets to long faux fur coats, and all the styles are versatile and can be worn throughout winter and even into early spring.

Chunky boots

Boots are a staple piece for any winter wardrobe, and it is important to find a pair that can both look great and be practical for the weather conditions. A chunky-style of boot is sturdy enough for harsh conditions and are guaranteed to keep your feet warm. Similar to biker boots, they are a timeless classic and can be worn all year round, but layered with thick socks and trousers make them a go-to style in the colder months.

Words by Lauren Hurt

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