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How to recreate your summer glow

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Summer seems like a lifetime ago as we now enter November, but a great number of us are still trying to fake our late summer glows.

If you’re lucky enough to have the real deal going on, the key word is moisturise. Moisturise moisturise moisturise. This will maintain your glow and keep your skin in fabulous condition. If you have quite dry skin like me then this Vaseline body moisturiser is around £4 and keeps your skin super soft.

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If you’re not as blessed, then another option is to fake it. This St Moriz fake tan is really affordable at around £3 and it actually does a good job. The range includes different shades (light, medium and dark) and comes in either a mousse or liquid formula. I recommend the mousse as it’s so easy to blend in, and can be used as both an instant or developing tanner.

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Whether your tan is false or not, it’s also essential to keep your skin buffed and exfoliated. Any body scrub here will do the trick, but it’s best to go for something more gentle if you have sensitive skin. It’s important to not go overboard though, and perhaps limit your scrubbing to twice a week.

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It’s important that your face and body match and a really quick and easy way to achieve this is by using a combination of bronzer and highlighter. This makes you look like you glow from within and takes no time at all. This Rimmell bronzer (around £6) is affordable and lasts pretty much all day. Topshop’s glow highlighter (£9) is a cream highlighter with subtle shimmer which is effective even when it is used sparingly. Perfect for that post-summer-faux-glow.

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Words by May Loonam

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