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Tearing yourself away from the interior bliss and familiarity of your family home can be a little bit of an anti-climax when moving into student accommodation. The challenge to make this new, personal space of yours a homely haven of sorts can prove to be difficult, particularly if you’re facing a tight budget, as an overwhelming majority of students are.

Having a home you enjoy returning to after a laborious day churning out deadline after deadline, cooped up in the infamous germy hotspot of the student campus, also known as the library, makes life that little bit easier.

Being a veteran at the whole student interior thing, here are a few of my top tips to help you in creating a personal paradise.

  1. Poster sale in fresher’s week – among the crazy buzz of fresher’s, make sure you pop along to the poster sale down on campus. From dreamy sunsets to posters of your favourite film and inspirational quotes, you can usually bag yourself a 3 for £10 deal. They will help to take your room somewhere else, which will in turn help you to create a relaxing environment. As a general rule, you’re not allowed to fix things to the walls in accommodation. However, nip down to the local Sainsbo’s and bag yourself some white tack – it works a treat and can ensure you’ll be getting your full deposit back from stingy, nit-picking landlords.
  2. Candles – a lot of student properties, especially halls of residence, stress that you cannot burn candles in your room. Done carefully though, it won’t become a problem. Collect an assortment of intricate tea light holders from market stalls, or invest in a large, longer-burning candle of a scent you enjoy. Personally, I tend to stray from anything too sweet and prefer a fresh linen scent, or on colder evenings I like to burn a candle with woody undertones. Supermarkets are brilliant for picking up tea lights for prices as cheap as chips.
  3. Bedding – This is going to bring the room together. One of my primary concerns on my Uni shop before moving into halls was what the colour of my walls were going to be. For that reason, I bought a neutral and white polka dot set; simple, pretty and versatile. Greeted by muddy blue walls, I was happy with my choice as it instantly lightened the room up. I got used to, and actually quite liked the muddy blue by the end of the year. I also think classic, white textured bedding is a winner in all circumstances because you can always add colour with extra furnishings. Which brings me aptly on to…
  4. Cushions and throws – At the end of the day, a student room isn’t typically going to contain a sofa (not that rooms at home typically have them either!), but this is your little hideout from the jumbled mess of the kitchen hellhole (they’re not always that bad, really). Adding a few cushions and a throw makes it more than just a bed; this is the ultimate version of a place to veg out and binge-watch Netflix. Again, I would recommend going to the home sections in large supermarkets such as Asda Living, where you’re usually able to find some matchy-matchy items, creating a bit of interior co-ordination for your room.
  5. Bits and bobs – for want of a better word, this alludes to a category of miscellaneous items that sort of just sit in a room and look pretty. I’m talking jewellery dishes, random ornaments, mirrors, mini-wicker make-up baskets. When I think of these items, I think rose golds, woods, cream ceramics and dream-catchers. Keeping a bit of consistency in your interior theme will cross the t’s and dot the i’s of a room.
  6. Photo frames – having photos of the people you love planted on your window sills, shelves and bedside table reminds you and motivates you as to why you’re doing what you’re doing. Photos are also the biggest comfort in times of study sorrow. Pop your favourite ones in pretty photo frames. I like Paperchase for their frames as they do small ones at a reasonable price. Peruse the internet for some vintage finds, too. I think antique-y frames are a good choice as they’re fitting with the whole memory/photograph thing.
  7. Stationary – I’m an interior nerd. Naturally, that filters into my love for stationary. For some unbeknown, totally made-up reason with no psychologically proven evidence, having organised, aesthetically-pleasing stationary can do wonders for one’s mood. So, when studying, it only seems the right thing that stationary holds an important place in the biological make-up of the interiors of your room. Grab those 3 for 2 file stands, pen holders and notepads all embossed in the same geometric print. Your desk will LOVE you.

So here my student interior rant comes to an end. (As soon as I start personifying desks and attaching feelings to them, I know it’s time to stop.)

But I would like to leave you with the simple reminder of one of life’s greatest quotes:

‘A tidy life is a tidy mind.’ – Every organised, interior-obsessed person ever

Happy padding out your room!

Words by Sarah Jepson

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