How to incorporate Pantone’s Colour of the Year into your style

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If you were to take a look at my outfit at any given day of the week, you would notice that I wear a lot of blue. Name any shade of blue, I’m guaranteed to have it in my wardrobe. 

So, when Pantone revealed that “Classic Blue” was the 2020’s colour of the year, I was ecstatic.

Finally, the colour blue is getting the recognition it deserves! According to the Pantone Institute, “Classic Blue” represents a regal and boundless energy and the colour can invoke a sense of calmness and stability into anyone who sees it. 

Whilst blue may not be everyone’s number one go-to colour for their wardrobe and makeup, here are five ways to slowly incorporate the tone into your life. 

1. Wear a solid or patterned blue scarf 

Classic blue is on the darker side of the colour spectrum. Think of the shade like the colour of a night sky- it stands out nicely when worn with a simple black thermal or jacket. Wearing a blue scarf that also includes hints of white or light blue can help make your clothes pop.

2. Pair your blue clothes with yellow accessories

My go-to outfit is a blue hoodie and black sweatpants. However, when I want to add some more personality into my outfit, I wear bright yellow coloured accessories. It sounds like an unusual color combination but the two compliment each other well. I recommend wearing a yellow scrunchie, hat, or even a shiny gold necklace.

3. Go back to basic blue jeans

You probably already have this fashion staple in your closet. One of the best things about “Classic Blue” is that it really can go with anything. All styles of tops can easily be worn with blue jeans.

4. Apply blue mascara and eyeliner

Put blue mascara on your lower lash line for a fun yet subtle pop of colour or try a blue cat eye for a retro bold look. This especially brings out the colour of brown eyes and makes them appear more vibrant. 

5. Get some blue hair streaks

This might seem like a bit of a bold move but don’t be put off. You can buy temporary blue hair dye to add some flair into your hairstyle. Although dark blue streaks blend in best with black or dark brown hair, you might opt to use a lighter shade to make the colour more apparent. 

If wearing blue coloured clothing or makeup is outside of your comfort zone, then I hope these tips encourage you to try something different. Who knows, by the end of this year maybe your closet will be as blue as mine. 

Words by Stephanie Lam

Edited by Madeleine Gill

Flora and Katie are your fashion editors

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