Halloween Costumes that won’t break the bank

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It’s that time of year again. After months of coming up with amazing and intricate costume ideas, suddenly it is a few days until Halloween and you no longer have the time (or the money) to achieve the groundbreaking costume you imagined.

That doesn’t mean your costume has to be boring though! We’ve got some creative costume ideas that take little time and money so you can rock your next Halloween Party.

1. Billie Eillish

The singer that took the pop charts by storm in 2019, dressing up as Billie Eilish only requires a few simple pieces to rock her iconic look. For just £3 at Superdrug, you can purchase a bottle of green hairspray to don Eillish’s signature fluorescent locks. Using the same bottle of hairspray, grab a oversized white or black t-shirt and spray paint the Chanel logo on it for a streetwear inspired look. Finally, top the look off with extremely baggy shorts or trousers, and some cheap gold chains and you’ve got a Billie Eillish costume!

2. Clown

With the release of The Joker and It: Chapter two, clowns are a trendy costume for 2019 and luckily the look is super easy to achieve. The main feature of a clown costume is naturally the makeup. Although you could go out and buy face paint to get a more traditional clown look, using the makeup you already have can make a more chic and unique clown look. I personally used a palette of brightly coloured eyeshadow I already had to get my personal twist on the clown look, opting for pink tones instead of the classic red. Pair your makeup with a brightly coloured outfit and you have a glam clown costume!

3. Vampire

I’ve found that the vampire costume is a classic staple, especially at uni. Whether you’re short on time, cash or both, the vampire costume is extremely accessible. For the outfit, wear an all-black ensemble of your choice. If you want to go for a more traditional vampire look, add a black cape to top off your look which can be found for as cheap as £3 online! For a modern spin on the vampire look, reminiscent of the Cullen family, opt for a pair of fishnets and some killer black boots. Top the look off with some eery “vampire” makeup featuring a smokey eye and some fake blood on the corner of your mouth and you’ll be set.

Happy haunting ghosts and ghouls!

Words by Madeline Pennington

Edited by Flora Fan

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