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No other holiday of the year allows you to dress up and show your quirky sense of fashion better than Halloween. With it becoming such a big thing, it’s not surprising that high end and high street designers are taking inspiration from scary-like costumes and adding it to their collections. What really makes an outfit stand out are the accessories and this year they are spookier than ever. And we’re digging it.
Zara seems to be leading this year’s Halloween fashion with lots of creepy designs. The tote and cross shoulder bags embellished with gold cockroaches and bugs add that edge which will give your outfit a scary twist!
The choker trend is not hot news anymore, yet the ones in theme with Halloween have caught everyone’s attention. From cobb webs patterns to skulls and chunky silverware, chokers are a must for any outfit this weekend!
choker-1 choker-2
Usually simple and elegant, brooches are making a return this year especially when they’re shaped as scary skeletons and creatures of the earth. Brooches are chic and easy to wear and we’re sure they’ll make your costume a lot more exciting to wear and look at!
borach broach
If you’re one of the people who likes to go all out, then massive black hats are perfect for you! If you want something more creative then dark floral crowns or embellished horn headbands are a good option to add to your outfit!
Words and pictures by Cristiana Frunza

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