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Recipe: Gorgeously green smoothie

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We all need a pick-me-up in winter and this smoothie is perfect… Smoothies are a really good, quick breakfast or also a nice mid-afternoon energy boost. This one is no exception!

2 red apples
1 pear
1 kiwi
1 banana
Tablespoon of Greek yoghurt
Handful of spinach leaves
Squeeze of lemon

Optional extras: Honey, oats, almonds/almond milk, peanut butter, avocado (in place of yoghurt), mint leaves, chia seeds

Don’t be put off by the name (or colour!), this smoothie is amazing. The combination of detoxifying ingredients is a great belly bloat-buster, but it still tastes good.

If you struggle with eating lots of fruits and veggies, smoothies are an easy way to incorporate them into your every day diet for a nutrient boost. Homemade smoothies are infinitely better than shop bought. My best advice is just get creative! Try out different fruits, veggies and little extras and just see what tastes good.

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Words by Kelsie Marsden

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