Gigi Hadid- The New Face of Topshop

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She’s the new it-girl of the moment. Men want to be with her and women want to be her. We at Liberty Belle would settle for a tour of her wardrobe!gigi 5

Now 20-year-old Gigi Hadid’s modelling fame is set to be catapulted into fully-fledged superstardom as she becomes the new face of Topshop, taking over from fashion royalty Cara Delevingne. Here at Liberty Belle,
we thought you really could not get any better in the world of unattainable modelling beauty than Cara, so what is it that persuaded Sir Philip Green and the marketing force behind Topshop’s fall campaign to work with Gigi

First things first, you cannot ignore the enormous social media presence held by Gigi. A perk that comes along with one: being part of Taylor Swift’s all-girl power group of best friends, two: the daughter of our Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spirit animal Yolanda Foster and three: the lucky lady on Joe Jonas’ arm. With 4.8 million Instagram followers Gigi reaches out to a substantially large audience who witness daily pictures of her party girl lifestyle as she hangs out with the Kardashians- serious girl envy.


Gigi Hadid 3As Topshop is British company, the campaign fronted by Gigi marks a more international move after two seasons of using quintessentially British Cara Delevingne to model their products. The retailer is looking to expand its horizons with stores in the Middle East, Germany, Canada, and New Zealand, in addition to new third-party retailers in Southeast Asia, the Netherlands, and across Europe for 2016. Gigi is a model of mixed ethnicity – her father is Palestinian and her mother is part Dutch – enabling Topshop to market their clothes for a widening audience. Sir Philip Green commented, “Working with Gigi Hadid on this campaign continues to strengthen our international vision for the Topshop brand…We are continually developing our footprint across all markets with ambitious plans both in the U.K. and internationally, and I feel like Gigi is an ideal ambassador to underpin these efforts”.

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Finally, Gigi Hadid is just an undeniable beauty. With the list of magazine spreads, couture campaigns, and music videos continually getting longer, she has positioned herself as the next Kendall Jenner. Check out the Topshop fall campaign, Gigi does not disappoint!

Words by Ellena Rowlin

Photo Credit: Pintrest

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