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Budgeting can be an all-consuming thought when you’re leading a student life, and the worry of keeping fit can be another. Keeping up your fitness doesn’t have to mean forking out monthly on a gym membership as there are alternative ways that are just as effective, if not more!

So need not worry, you can already start prepping for that summer body you’ll be flaunting next year whilst still being able to afford your student life essentials, and the occasional shopping spree that you deserve. Some of these cheap and easy ways of keeping fit include walking, running, cycling or just simple bedroom workouts.


Let’s start with the cheapest and easiest exercise of the lot…walking. As a student, sometimes the easiest way to get from A to B is to simply walk. Walking saves money on the buses and trams whilst providing you with that extra calorie burn to keep your fitness up. Yes, it can take that little bit longer but if you’re willing to add a little extra time in your schedule then walking rather than catching the public transport will get you where you need to be whilst also working its benefits on your fitness.

Not only is walking a great fitness builder but if you’re having one of those days when you feel like you want to exercise but don’t have the energy, going on a stroll or even a fast-paced walk around the city is a great alternative; every little helps! It’s simple, aids fitness and is great for the mind, so walk where you can.


The only exercise easier than running is walking, and that’s been covered. All you need is yourself, comfortable running shoes and you’re good to go. Who needs to splash out on a gym membership so you can spend 30 minutes on a treadmill when you can go on a run for free and get a more intense and effective workout in just 20 minutes?

Road running has noticeably beneficial effects on your fitness as the routes are often unpredictable with challenges around almost every corner. Set yourself a number of days a week to run, I would normally go for 2-3 and sometimes 4 if I have the time and I’m feeling up for it. Try to aim for about 20-30 minutes for each run and stay disciplined.

Running is a chilled and easy way to keep fit if you stick to your plan. There’s never any pressure, you can just head out when you feel up for it and motivated. There’s no way that this can’t benefit your fitness if you stick to it!


If you have a bike, cycling is a great alternative to public transport that can benefit your fitness and is that slight bit faster than walking if you don’t have as much time to spare. If you don’t have a bike, that doesn’t mean to say you can’t cycle as the city offers bike hire at various points where you can pick it up and drop it off for a low price; much cheaper than what you’d be paying to use the bike machine at the gym!

So cycling is definitely an option to keep in mind when you’re considering getting into your car or hopping on the next bus.

Bedroom/Home Workouts:

Bedroom and home workouts are a great way to save your pennies whilst working out in the comforts that you’re used to. Another bonus is that you can even do these workouts in your pyjamas and not have to worry about making a fool of yourself falling off the treadmill or using the gym equipment completely wrong. The great thing about home workouts is that there’s so much choice, so here’s a few ideas you might want to give a go and a rough idea of how many/how long to do. If you are unsure of any of the exercises, then give it a Google.

Ab workouts (all for 1 minute)

– Crunches

– Bicycle crunches

– Leg lifts

– Toe touches

– Plank

Butt workouts (3x 15 reps)

– Squats

– Hip lifts

– Donkey kicks

Cardio (2 minutes)

– Jumping jacks

– Mountain climbers

– Burpees

– Heel kicks

– High knees

These are just a few ideas that you can use to put together your own home/bedroom workout routine. There are hundreds of other simple moves that you can find on the internet and incorporate into your workout routine and feel free to play around with the reps and times and find what works for you. Plan how long you want to work out for and on what areas and stay disciplined, this is a great simple, relaxed way to stay fit without spending a penny.

Hopefully after reading this you feel reassured that keeping fit doesn’t have to mean limited funds in your bank account, and you’re up for giving these ideas a go.

Words by Maisie Green

Madeleine and Hesther are your health & beauty editors

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