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Say No to animal-tested cosmetics

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If a product is made for a human then why should it be tested on an animal? This is something that I have been questioning a lot recently.

I have always been a fond animal lover, but so much of what goes on behind the scenes when testing cosmetics goes a miss, and personally I, like many of my friends have decided to make a change to the ways in which we consume our make-up.

Most major cosmetic brands still use animal tested ingredients in their products despite having alternative options available. However, there are also plenty of companies who produce high quality make up without harming any animals in the process. Here are a few for you to try…

Lush Cosmetics:

High street cosmetics company, Lush are fiercely against animal testing and all of their products are entirely cruelty free. They have a wide range of quirky skin and hair treatments that are handmade from fresh and natural ingredients. In particular I would recommend using the hair treatments for fuller and beautiful shiny hair. I use one called ‘Marilyn’ that is designed to liven up any shade of blonde hair.

The Body Shop:

Another brand that does not test on animals is The Body Shop, which produces all sorts of fabulous shower gels, shampoos and moisturizers. I would definitely recommend their body butters, as they have a wide range of different flavours such as grapefruit, mandarin or vanilla that all smell delicious and banish dry skin.

Bare Minerals:

Well-known for their strict no animal testing policy I utilize Bare Minerals products on a daily basis. I would highly recommend their ‘bare skin’ foundation which can be worn as a sheer layer, giving your skin a glowy effect, or a fuller cover depending on how much you want to apply; meaning that you will never need to have more than one foundation.

If you want to find out more information on which brands test on animals, visit the PETA website where you can search a brand and they will tell you if that particular company tests on animals or not.
PETA also has a long list of companies who are cruelty free and there are some surprising ones on there, for example Urban Decay (fantastic news as their eye palettes are the best).

I know that it’s tricky to change from your old ways and start using different cosmetic brands but think about this, why should animals have to suffer for something that is purely for human indulgence? The way that they are treated is awful and a stop needs putting towards the cruelty they undergo for the sake of ‘the perfect blusher’.

So the next time you’re out and about shopping, it would be a great place to start consciously thinking about the many cosmetics companies that don’t jeopardise the lives of animals and give them a chance to make a difference.

Words: Kate Brown

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