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Who to follow on social media to get you through exam period

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Oops, found yourself scrolling through Instagram instead of working on those nine deadlines you’ve got next week? Fear not. The plus side to social media scrollin’ is that there are plenty of motivational accounts to help get you PUMPED for essay writing. Too far? Just go follow these people for non-cheesy motivation…

The Food Medic

Run by Dr Hazel Wallce who is, yes, a junior doctor, full-time blogger, qualified personal trainer, and regular course-taker (most recently attending school on a Sunday to learn about fermenting). Oh, did I mention shes also a soon-to-be published author as her book, The Food Medic, is due to hit shelves in May? If she can all of that, you can revise for three exams and pass on the pub. Yes you CAN.

That feeling when you’ve smashed out a PB before 9am on a Sunday 💪 Struggled to sleep in this morning with thoughts whizzing round my mind so I got up and trained, and I felt surprisingly strong.. so I pushed myself and managed a 45kg push press. I’ve managed to tune into my body and I know the days when I can push myself but I also know the days I need to take it easyand drop the weights down, which is often just as important as going the extra mile. Sometimes we let our egos run away with us and we become so determined to hit a PB, or a personal best, that we become blinkered by the end goal and forget about the process. I know this has happened to me too many times. I don’t put the same pressure on myself to perform 100% during every session. I just give it my best that day, and sometimes all I can give is showing up and stretching.. but sometimes that’s showing up and smashing out a PB 🙌🏽 As with nutrition, it’s all about being intuitive and listening to your body and the signals it’s giving you. Now, time for me to celebrate over brunch at @grangerandco with @clean_eating_alice, @dan_45_conn & Luke from @f45_training 😋 #thefoodmedic #hazelwallace

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The Billion Woman 

If you’re motivated by money then all you need to do is look through the helicopter rides, Italian leather and designer handbags on this page and you’ll be en route to the library before you can say ‘diamond encrusted Louboutins ’. Most useful to the Law, Medicine or Economics students who actually have a chance at earning a decent wage after university unlike the rest of us who are repeatedly told how we’ll be broke for life and never pay off our student debts.


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Gap Year Escape

If you’re more motivated by a lifestyle than your bank balance, go follow Gap Year Escape for beaches, fluffy animals and cocktails. Warning: this could go one of two ways. Either you realise that you can not live this luxury with 4 essays hanging over your head and thus do said essays, or you decide to drop our of uni and buy a one way ticket to Australia. Fingers crossed for the former.

Just hanging out on a rock contemplating life and all that #Maldives

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Sir Ken Robinson

This is who to follow if you’ve ever taken your education for granted. Sir Ken Robinson, education campaigner, professor and the most watched TED talker of all time, will make you feel ashamed to be lying in bed at 1:16pm on a Thursday. Go open that text book and appreciate your privileged access to three hour lectures.


You know sometimes you just need a good old pick me after a seven-doughnut-fueled-essay-stint? This account is all about loving yourself… baked goods and all. After defeating an eating disorder (inspiring enough as it is) account runner Megan has taken to Instagram to encourage others to love themselves. That self-love, our lack of sleep… it’s all getting far too emot.

Words by Chloe Gray 

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