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Marvel has just recently released Black Panther and it has been hyped up so much since it is the first ever movie with an all-black cast. Worth the hype? Totally. I went to catch it on the second day it was released and it was hard to get tickets since every single show timing was sold out – so a tip to everyone else, be sure to book in advance.

If I am being honest, I really didn’t know what to expect from this movie. I had read up a lot about it, watched the trailer and I felt excited but, unlike other Marvel movies, this one was just different. I was amazed by how beautifully Marvel showcased the African culture. I am not saying the practises – but more of the colours, the music and the dance.

It was absolutely beautiful. Even the traditional costumes and braids that the cast adorned were beautiful. They pulled it off perfectly and I was impressed because you’d never see this in a normal Marvel movie. In fact, you have never seen it in any of their movies as most of their movies revolve simply around the hero and the villain and something going wrong in the science labs.

I will be sure not to spoil it for you but the plot was your very usual Marvel story plot. If everyone remembers in Civil War, T’Challa’s father died in the bomb blast caused by Bucky Barnes, our Winter Soldier. He then returns home to Wakanda in Africa to take his rightful place as king and the Black Panther – the protector of Wakanda.

However, a powerful enemy – someone who is very close to home appears and challenges T’Challa. This new war puts the entire world at risk and the young king must release the full powers of the Black Panther to defeat his foes and ensure the safety of his people and the world.

The cast has many familiar faces– Michael B Jordan, Chad Boseman and even Martin Freeman. To be fair, whenever you see Martin Freeman you just start chuckling. He is one of the few people who can really joke with a straight face and it is amusing to watch him. The movie obviously had its huge dose of humour – I mean it really isn’t a Marvel movie without some humour sprinkled into it.

Other than that, the cast portrayed each character really well leaving me at the edge of my seat in certain scenes– it was just mesmerizing. The music was also really good and the play list had many famous artists such as The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, Khalid and many more. It really suited the movie and the graphics were fantastic – from my continuous gushing I am pretty sure you can tell how much I loved the movie.

It is certainly a must watch however I do have to warn everyone to sit through the credits. As expected, Marvel does show us two post credit scenes with the final scene connecting the movie to The Avengers: Infinity Wars which will be out in May this year. Either way, grab your popcorn because this year is definitely a year filled with blockbusters from Marvel.

Words by Yash Raveendra

Edited by Maisie Green

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