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Our Fashion writer Jess Davis is here every Saturday to keep us informed on the latest Fashion news to hit the headlines this week. 



Popular brand American Apparel has filed for bankruptcy protection, following a decline in sales and dip in profits. The company has signed a restructuring deal with 95 per cent of its secured lenders to reduce its debts.

This move is in order to reduce the company’s debt to around £87 million and as a result cutting it’s annual interest payments. The retailer peaked when it first hit the British high street- but its edgy porn aesthetic ended up its crumbling image.

American Apparel’s bankruptcy had looked likely for some time after it suffered mounting losses as sales dropped by 17%. The industry has pinned the reason for the company’s popularity decline as its inability to keep up with its target audience’s taste. Doy Charney, the founder, arguably ruined the company’s morale and took its sexualised image too far for young shoppers.

But the ever-changing fashion trends and the financial crisis of the company made young shoppers less enthused to pay a steep £30 for one of the retailers plain T-shirts or simple skirts. Sales slumped and debts mounted as a result causing the company’s downfall.



The worldwide famous designer Stella McCartney has filed a lawsuit against Steve Madden and is suing for copyright issues this week. This is a result of McCartney arguing that Madden has copied her Falabella tote bag. The British designer filed a lawsuit against the founder of the footwear company, Madden, for allegedly imitating one of her most popular and widely known designed styles.

The sassy fashionista has explained that Madden’s poorly made bag looks identical to her successful tote and has stated how the bag, due to its poor quality, is likely to cause economic harm to consumers. McCartney has illustrated the charges against Madden as the following: “trade dress infringement, unfair competition, deceptive trade practices, trade dress dilution, and design patent infringement” and has asked for it to be discontinued.

McCartney’s handbag, which features a woven chain trim and matching handle, is popular with, many members of the fashion industry and also various celebrities. Below on the left if the original McCartney tote and on the right the acclaimed copy by Madden- Which do you prefer?

stella tote Madden tote


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