5 fashion lessons we can learn from Beyoncé

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Beyoncé is everywhere at the moment, whether it is promoting her latest business venture Ivy Park or slaying the music industry with the release of Lemonade, we just can’t get away from her at the moment. However, let’s face it, she has always been in the public eye and has forever been a massive influence to millions. Queen B has recently been honoured for her contribution to the fashion world, after she won the CFDA Fashion Icon Award. Here at Liberty Belle, we investigated what lessons we have learnt from her in the world of fashion.

Less is more…

As soon as ‘Single Ladies’ is mentioned, our brains flicker straight to the iconic black and white dance routine that featured those sassy black leotards. It may seem obvious to say that less is more with regard to the leotards, but something as simple as a black leotard being handy in your wardrobe can go a long wary. Whether it is teamed with a pair of oversized mom denim shorts or smart trousers in the evening, you will never regret buying a leotard because it is suitable for all occasions (most suitable for dancing around the living room to Beyoncé recreating the ‘Single Ladies’ routine).

Fur is always in…

Something from the recent Lemonade visual album that stuck out for me was Queen B in that brown fur coat and braided hair. Fur can be hit and miss, but Beyoncé has proved that fur is most certainly always in as she is constantly spotted in a furry number either being snapped by paparazzi or shooting her latest videos.

Keep it classic…

Even though she is world famous and has enough money to own her own fashion label (oh wait she does) she still keeps it real and steps out in a classic white tee and a pair of denim jeans. The reason for this is that this classic combo is a look that will never die and is suitable for comfort or for whatever you may be doing. If you’re anything like Bey, this could be popping to the shops or riding horse back in the Lemonade video, but whatever you’re doing, the classic look of a good pair of Levis and a crisp white t-shirt will never fail you.

Long live the denim… 

Denim is everyone’s wardrobe staple fabric and will never let you down. As we have discussed before, Beyoncé is a clear fan of keeping things casual and is also an avid denim wearer. Back in the early days of Destiny’s Child, the gang stepped out in an array of Tommy Hilfiger items and Bey rocked a pair of denim dungarees over a white tube top. Although this was years ago, dungarees are still a hit today and always have been, so if you don’t have anything denim in your wardrobe get to the shops asap and invest in something denim that will stay with you throughout the fashion eras, whether its a skirt, jacket, dungarees or just a really really good pair of jeans.

Embrace yourself… 

Something that Beyoncé has always preached throughout her successful career is that you should always embrace yourself and be true to who you are, this applies to the world of fashion too. So what if you don’t like the latest trend? Fashion is about embracing and expressing yourself, not pleasing other people’s taste and opinions. As long as you feel confident it is all that matters. If you want to wear nothing more than jewels, gems and see through fabric to the Met Gala then do just that!

Photo credit: Vogue

Photo credit: Vogue


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