The Explosive Rise of Vetements

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Vetements – the streetwear brand that’s exploding in popularity whilst pushing the boundaries of typical fashion conventions.

Image taken from Vetements official Instagram

Since their fashion debut in 2014, Vetements, who are in their infancy as a brand, have made waves with their designs already proving to be instant sell outs. Their rise to fame has been explosive, in less than a decade the brand has established itself as a distinctive force within the world of fashion, earning that coveted stamp of approval from those within the industry. Boasting over 2 million followers on Instagram, you’ve likely seen their designs splashed across the pages of Vogue.

Head designer, Damne Gvasalia has long paved a path in fashion. Having previously led design teams at Louis Vuitton and taking over as Creative Director at Balenciaga in 2015, Gvasalia endeavoured to dream up his own label. Is there anything this man can’t do?

The refreshing new label may be the name on the tip of everyone’s tongues, but the names of the team behind it are kept decidedly under wraps, only aiding to the illusive nature of the brand. But why is it that this young brand are making such waves, what is it that sets Vetements apart?

Vetements don’t do typical. Unlike other fashion brands who adhere to the convention of creating four collections a year, they sway form the norm and choose only to showcase their collections in Spring and Fall.

Their Spring 2018 collection didn’t include a runway or an array of high fashion models as has come to be expected form such high profile labels. But instead, they hit the streets of Zurich where they approached total strangers to model their designs. Literally bringing the street to streetwear.

These ‘models’ included teenagers, pensioners and even entire families, all with different body types who were used to showcase the collection. In keeping with the close-knit nature of the team behind Vetements, who rarely permit access to other creatives, Gvasalia himself, opted to photograph the collection.

Nothing about Vetements adheres to fashion’s regular conventions, which is refreshing. The Fall/Winter 2018 collection unveiled buckets of originality which was widely received. Following the FW18 collection, one design, which has since become synonymous with the brand, is their recognisable ‘lighter’ heel boot.


Image taken from Vetements official Instagram.

Never one to shy away from a statement, also featured in their FW18 collection was this European Union flag inspired turtleneck pullover, which really captured the audience’s attention and spoke to the social awareness of the brand.

Image taken from Vetements official Instagram.

The brand have now become infamous for their break-through collaborations, Vetements bring household names to high-fashion. In a short span of time they’ve collaborated with the likes of; Reebok, UMBRO, DHL, Manolo Blahnik, Levi’s and Commes Des Garcons. These brands are scarcely associated with one another and when written side by side, appear to have little in common. This speaks to the unpredictable and business savvy nature of the brand as they strive to widen their market by appealing to all tiers of consumer.

As they continue to diverge from the expected we may never know what’s next for the brand, but I do know one thing, I’m excited to see what the future holds for Vetements.


Words by Rosie Mary Kathleen Boon

Edited by Holly Harper



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