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Fashion is no longer just about investing in a good outfit, but also about investing in a better and a more sustainable and moral one. So, here is a breakdown on some ethical fashion choices that you can make with some stores that I recommend. And remember, gone are the days where you had to choose between ethics and style, because now they’ve been combined!

Fashion and Animals:

Vegan and Cruelty Free

Vegan and cruelty-free fashion is devoid of any animal derived products be it leather, fur or animal skin etc. And now with the Vegan revolution on the rise the fashion industry has more than kept up, with 100% vegan brands such as HeartCure, whose products include cotton tees with powerful illustrations and words that promote leading a vegan lifestyle and taking a step towards a better and more moral lifestyle.

But, there are also big brands that may not be all the way vegan but who have made it their mission to be as inclusive as possible, take Dr. Martens for example and their famous 1460 8-eye boots, well now you can get the vegan friendly version of that timeless classic of a durable shoe.

Fashion & Humans:


Fairtrade is a quintessential element of ethical fashion as human rights are taken into consideration by providing a safe and good working environment for the workers to be at, as well as fair wages for the workers to be able to have stability in their life. And, People Tree is the perfect example of a fairtrade fashion retailer with a vision for a better future for the workers, farmers and growers in the poor areas of the developing world. And as consumers we have a duty to support these ever so conscious, trendy and stylish brands like People Tree, whose products may be on the pricer side but they are well worth the money. And that’s because your purchase would be guilt free and besides who can resist their ever so chic and sleek, organic cotton dresses.


Fashion & the Environment:

Sustainable and Eco-friendly

With high street giant H&M being committed to making and investing in a more sustainable future for fashion, now sustainable fashion is on the rise. H&M aims to switch to 100% organic cotton by 2020. So by buying garments from their organic range you’re contributing to the welfare of organic farmers as well as helping shape a more sustainable future where cotton (one of the most used fabric in the fashion world) is organically grown and then loved by you. And with their sustainability and recycling plan already in play since 2013-where customers can drop off any of their unwanted garments at any H&M store for it to be then reused and recycled- H&M sure is making waves in the environmental ethical realm of fashion.

Another ethically conscious brand with a keen sustainability initiative is Grow From Nature. Their bags and purses are all made from cork-which is a renewable source of material as only the bark is extracted from the cork and so a fresh layer of cork then re-grows. And cork is not just great from an environmental point of view but also from a durability side as it is water and stain resistant and is as long lasting as leather, but, without the cruelty factor.

Fashion & Recycling & Up-cycling:

Thrift stores

This may be obvious to many but with many hesitant to try it out. But, there is nothing better than going to a charity shop like Sue Ryder or Oxfam etc. and finding something that has been loved by a stranger and now is in your hands to be adored and worn by you, the thrill of the find is unbeatable. Not to mention that you’re also supporting a great cause in the process as well as helping in reducing waste and recycling and reusing garments.

Vintage stores

Some vintage store like Rokit recycle and up-cycle their vintage goods into more ‘trendy’ outerwear but with history, creativity and conscious. You would not be buying any simple piece but one that has been worn by different generations, just for an artist to pick that piece and give it another life that corresponds to our modern time fashion trends. But, with the DNA of fashion trends from a different era in time and not to mention the fact that you’re reducing waste and helping to support artists and creators.

Words by Rama Alsammouah

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