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Dry skin saviours

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All I want for Christmas is… soft skin.

As we are edging ever so closer to December, our skin may let out a little cry. The temperatures are dropping rapidly, and usually this means dry and sensitive skin. The cold winds and stuffy heating in lectures plays havoc with our skin, but these skin saviours may just save the day.

Lush’s Ultrabland is advertised as a facial cleanser but, honestly, it felt like the god of moisturisers. Made with almond oil, rose water, beeswax and honey, it also works as a makeup remover. Ideally, for oily skin like mine or mixed-type skin, once a day is enough. If you have dry skin, you can use it in the morning before going to uni and again at night before bed. Instructions are simple: smooth over the face and then rinse it with a warm damp cloth or cotton wool. [£7.95/45g]

TIP: I know £7.95 is a lot for a student, (that’s like the price of a meal at Wagamama!) so instead of actually buying it you can go to Lush and ask for a free sample to try it out first to see if you like it.



My dermatologist recommended me Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Deep moisture body lotion, and I love it. This is actually for your body but I’ve used this on my face in times of crisis and it worked wonders.

The key is to use as little as possible. So, usually, my nose tends to get dry, instead of just smothering my face with this, which would probably make my skin even more oily, I dip a cotton bud in the cream and gently apply it on top of the dry areas. Maximum effect with a minimum amount.

Alternatively, for the whole face I would use a duo fibre make-up brush to apply it, which makes sure I’m not overusing the product. For other body parts, hands are fine. [£5.00/400ml on Superdrug website]



I’m a La Roche-Posay kind of girl. I love their shampoos, their moisturisers, everything…except their prices. However, Effaclar Mat is definitely a good buy if you’ve got oily skin. I’ve used it loads. It doesn’t make your make-up cakey. You actually feel your skin moisturised and dry at the same time. Haven’t actually seen it being sold in any drugstores but ordering online is a breeze. [£12.30 on Escentual website]


Words by Laura Yoshimoto Turpin


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