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Following the success of their first documentary ‘Cowspiracy’, award-winning filmmakers Kip Anderson and Keegan Kuhn released their second feature length documentary ‘What the Health’ on the 7th of March this year.

This documentary had been highly anticipated by many health conscious individuals who wanted issues lying within the food industry revealed to the masses.

Whilst this documentary has received raving reviews from many vegan activists and enlightened the minds of many others, it has also received a lot of stick from people who are not so open to accept the facts that it lays out.

The documentary exposes the truth behind why the US government and leading health organisations continue to promote the industries selling highly processed industrial animal foods despite there being endless medical studies and research showing the damaging effects it has on our health.

Shocking facts are exposed in regards to eggs, dairy, protein and contamination and the effects that these highly processed industrial animal foods have on diabetes, cancer, heart disease, cholesterol and the environment.

It reveals that one serving of processed meat per day increases a person’s risk of diabetes by 51%, yet diabetes organisations/charities will often feature recipes with red/processed meats and when asked why, they could not explain

The documentary also brings to light the fact that cancer organisations/charities often encourage the consumption of processed meats even though there is a World Health Organisation report which classifies bacon and sausages as carcinogenic.

When the organisations and charities were asked about this, they could not explain why either.

Seeing as eggs are often considered ‘healthy’ and the effects of dairy are overlooked, it is shocking when the documentary reveals that eating one egg per day is just as bad for life expectancy as smoking five cigarettes a day.

Furthermore, dairy is the number one source of saturated fat and countries with the highest rates of dairy consumption have the highest rates of osteoporosis.

The hidden facts behind cholesterol are also revealed as it states that the number one dietary source of cholesterol in America is chicken and by adopting a fully plant-based diet your cholesterol levels can plummet in just a few days.

With the modern day obsession with protein, it was only suited that they revealed some of the truths behind it.

It is revealed that casein protein, the main protein in dairy products, especially in cheese, creates casomorphins (this makes cheese addictive in the same way to drugs).

It responds to all queries about how vegans get their protein and reveals that you do not need meat for protein as all protein is initially made by plants.

It also touches upon the harmful effects of the meat and dairy industry on the environment (more of which is exposed in their first documentary Cowspiracy) and the risks around food contamination.

It outlines that 93% of dioxin exposure comes from eating animal products, therefore when we eat fish, we risk ingesting PCBs (highly toxic industrial compounds) and mercury, as well as saturated fat and cholesterol.

On top of all of these eye-opening facts, one of the final shocking facts it brings to light is the fact that there are actual laws that criminalise people for taking photos inside of the animal factories.

Makes you think they have something to hide, eh?

Finally, it makes it clear that there is nothing in an animal-based diet that you can’t get healthier from somewhere else.

It really is an eye-opening documentary which is a true blessing in the fact it literally spoon feeds us with the facts we need to know in order to live a healthy and happy life.

A captivating, enlightening and informative documentary which is beneficial to the lives of anyone who chooses to watch.

Rating: 5/5

Ways to watch ‘What the Health’:

Official documentary website: http://www.whatthehealthfilm.com/

Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/gb/title/80174177

Ways to watch their previous award-winning documentary ‘Cowspiracy’:

Official documentary website: http://www.cowspiracy.com/

Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/gb/title/80033772

Words by Maisie Green

Featured image from www.whatthehealthfilm.com

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