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Designer vs. High Street: Concealers

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Concealer can be a love hate relationship. But, at this time of year sometimes we have to resist putting it to one side. The winter months entail tired, dull skin and I don’t know about you but dark eye bags are one of my beauty bugbears.

One of my favourite concealers is the ‘Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer.’ Yes, its name is long but it does exactly that, covers everything but with an airy, light texture. But, like you I am hesitant to repurchase a £17.50 concealer again and again, so this left me searching for alternatives and I have found it.


The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer retails at £4.19 and is a complete dupe.


Let’s start with texture. The textures of the two concealers are very similar and create a good coverage but undetectable finish. I would say that they are both medium to high coverage and are both great for covering any spots or redness you may have. But, they really excel in covering dark circles and brightening the under eye area.

These products can be used in exactly the same way. Dot or swipe the concealer under the eye, on the chin and in the middle of the forehead for a highlighted effect and to even out the face.

The only differences that I would note is that the Urban Decay concealer has a wider shade range and a little bit more staying power and blends in seamlessly with other products. The Collection concealer can conflict with heavy foundations – just make sure to go easy on the layering!


In terms of value for money I would consider the Collection concealer as coming out on top. For the price, it offers the same effect as the Naked concealer and is an all round beauty staple.

All hail the highstreet!

Words by Becca Green

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