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One of the first and the most known designer names to thrive in the fashion world, Valentino Garavani was born in 1932 in the north of Italy. With an arduous passion for art and clothes, the young Italian set the base of his legacy by working for a local designer then moving to Paris to pursue his dream.

Once he moved to France, Valentino took on an apprenticeship at Balenciaga, a label still widely known today.  He moved on to working for Guy Laroche and other big names. Everyone recognized Valentino’s hard work, dedication and passion to create clothes and soon enough icons like Elizabeth Taylor loved his unique style.

After setting up his atelier in 1960, Garavani’s designs became popular due to the French influences of grandeur. That was the time when he started designing his signature dresses in shades of red now known as ‘Valentino red’. Although widely known, Valentino had his international debut in Florence, the fashion capital back in 1960. His friends would wear his two piece designs which led to Jackie Kennedy reaching out for him. She loved his designs and him, the two tying a longlasting bond. After the assassination of her husband, Jackie found support in Valentino.

Valentino displayed his collections in New York, where he met Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief Diana Vreeland and personalities like Andy Warhol. His designs were also spread across Italy with main stores in Rome, Milan and Paris.

Valentino’s style has been described along the years as being romantic, feminine, seductive and elegant. Even so, Valentino always made sure to add an element of dramatism which would capture the attention in a room. His clothes were made for powerful and confident women who were not afraid to turn heads. He’s always been an artist so attention to detail was vital to him and over the years this can be noticed in the refined sewing and textures which meet at symmetrical points. “It comes into the world in a magic moment from some memory, from some book, from some painting, sometimes even under the influence of something bad. It transforms into an emotion and then in a cloth…. Or in а perfume…Or in a finery”, says Valentino.

The designer has also created clothes for men at some point but returned back to what he knew was his strong point: womenswear. The beautiful embroidery, the silk and chiffon, are key in his designs. Growing up in Italy, a country of fashion empowerment, Valentino has shaped its opinions after its roots. Living a luxurious lifestyle, the man has never been keen on casual fashion. Few times he found himself criticising the free style of particular people.

The beginning of the 2000s have displayed Valentino’s naked philosophy of romanticism combined with sexuality. Black taffeta and the black crepe became statement issues for most of the Oscar attendees. Satin has always been a signature fabric for the house and it has been seen throughout the years and collections. Moving closer to this time, Valentino plays with wool, tweed and crocodile leather to deliver some of its finest creations.

No matter what Valentino Garavani must be seen as an artist who creates and lives for women and for the clothes they wear, as well as an art lover, an ambitious and flamboyant character.


Words by Christiana Frunza

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