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Memorable flower prints, bold colours, lavish textures are a few of the words summarizing the Italian brand which started not too long ago. Stefano and Domenico got together in 1980’s and created a label which was soon going to cross the Roman borders and conquer the whole world.

In 1982 the duo established their first designer studio in Legnano, a small town near the fashion capital, Milan. While Domenico studied fashion for years and aspired to work for Armani, Stefano was a talented and outgoing person who brought originality to the table. The two together created the perfect balance which led to building an empire.

The name of the brand stands for the last names combined, although at the time they were working and were paid individually. One day their accountant suggested to do just one invoice for the both and so Dolce & Gabbana was born. A name now internationally known and sitting amongst the most luxurious brands.


At the beginning of their journey Domenico and Stefano were a couple, yet as time went by their romance ended and they continued to work together as friends. Their first collection was competing against some other famous labels at Milan Fashion Week 1985 and used amateur women as models, because of insufficient funds. The collection was entitled Real Women, a concept surrounding the last issue of British Vogue.

Although the two men wanted to cancel the upcoming collection, support from the family and friends encouraged them to continue designing.

Reaching their fourth launch, Domenico and Stefano created a revolutionary sexy and classic dress which was made to fit all body shapes. The press went crazy for it and the fashion world was intensely changed. From that day everyone was going to know who Dolce & Gabbana are.


But the brand wasn’t going to stop there. The Italian boys kept on creating some of the most fascinating and alluring items which dazzled the stars of the ‘90s. The leotard fashion was initiated by them after adding glitter, crazy patterns and embellishments onto bodysuits and making them socially accepted. Sexy, fierce and comfortable the trend quickly took off and was embraced by all.

The label was becoming bigger and was now shipping to USA and setting up stores in Japan. Everyone wanted a taste of the bella vita.

The inspiration and passion for funky designs came from the Sicillian culture and Italian films, declare the creators. One a more edgier note, when approaching the 2000s a new vision was expressed. Keeping the provocative style of the women, the duo gave them even more power by adding an erotic edge to the clothing. Black leather coats paired with the bare skin empowered the woman and transformed it into a trend.

Closer to our days, the authentic Italian style of Dolce & Gabbana can be easily recognized amongst the pages of magazines which portray a simple and lustrous life which makes us wish we were wearing the same clothes, walking in the same places and hanging with the same people.  The cuts are soft and the shapes flamboyant. At the age of 26, Dolce & Gabbana became one of the hottest labels transforming every catwalk into a surreal show… A tale of modern classicism where we find luxury and lush sensuality mixed with garments and a dash of glamour.


Words by Christiana Frunza 

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