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My current skincare routine

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Recently, I’ve noticed that I’ve been neglecting my skin a little. In a busy time of my life, sometimes it seems like a pain spending any length of time on skin care in the evenings when ideally I want to dive face-first into my duvet. But I’ve also noticed that my skin is not letting me off lightly. It really is true that a make up wipe simply will not do. I’m not a fan of unnecessary faff, but this routine for me is straight to the point and actually affordable (a believe a win-win).

Make up removal

To remove the initial layer of make up (depending on how much effort I had decided to make that day, or the allotted time I had allowed to get ready that morning) I use Garnier’s Micellar Water and a cotton wool pad to ditch the stubborn mascara. This means that when I go to use my “proper” cleanser, I can concentrate on actually thoroughly cleansing the skin. Some people may use a make up wipe at this stage (shock I know, make up wipes in a skin care routine) and this is fine, as long as you complete the other steps to avoid your skin drying out.


For this step, I swear by Lush’s Ultrabland cleanser. The clue is in the name here ladies, this cleaners is dull looking and has zero smell to it whatsoever, but it does the job. My skin is very sensitive at the best of times, and this product is gentle but really cleans the skin. This no frills product is now the only cleanser I’ll touch, and is really easy to use. Just massage some of the product over your face in circular motions, especially concentrating on the eyes where they may be some lingering eye product, and then wipe away gently with a hot cloth. A muslin cloth is ideal but if you’re wanting to follow the no-faff rule, any face cloth or flannel will do.

Pore strips

This part of the process is optional and should be done twice or three times a week, but pore strips are perfect if you’re prone to black heads, which I sadly am. I’m trying out Boots own charcoal nose strips at the moment, because to be quite honest I refuse to pay much more for something which I believe is probably similar across all brands (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). I’d be happy to pay more in other areas of my skin care routine but for this I’m giving the lower end products a try. If you don’t like peel off masks then Sanctuary’s charcoal warming mask is perfect for clearing out those pores, and it’s quite fun that it warms up on your face.


I promise this article is not sponsored by Lush, but their tea tree toner has worked wonders on my skin. Whenever I’ve suffered from spots or redness, this product is really cooling on my skin and calms it down a little. It’s also perfect for during the summer if you want a bit of a refresh.


If you complete any steps of this routine, cleansing and moisturising are key. Particularly before bed, using a thicker, richer moisturiser is perfect as it has that time to really sink in. I love Simple products because, as I said, I suffer from really sensitive skin most of the time. Lush (wow, repetition much) also do some amazing, rich moisturisers. At the minute, I’m using their Celeste moisturiser. It’s really rich so I wouldn’t use it in the day as it almost feels greasy initially, but it works it’s magic best overnight.

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Words by May Loonam


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