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Lizzo burst onto the pop music scene in 2019 with upbeat anthems of self love and body positivity. The singer and rapper translates this confidence into her wardrobe as well as her music, making her the perfect celebrity to emulate when you want to feel your best.

A lover of bright prints and bold shapes, Lizzo never goes for the “safe” style option. Don’t be subtle if you’re trying to dress like this pop star. 

If you’re looking for a daring addition to any outfit but don’t quite know where to begin, animal prints is a good place to start! Lizzo has been photographed in a plethora of fierce patterns. From thigh-high snakeskin boots, to lime green cheetah gloves, the Lizzo look wouldn’t be complete without an accessory that takes you to the wild side.

Though Lizzo is known for her more playful style choices, she also never fails to remind us what a #GirlBoss she is with business-casual inspired pieces. You can’t top the Billboard Top 100 Chart for seven straight weeks without a slew of talent, a maddening amount of hard work and a generous knowledge of the music industry. 

To highlight her business savvy, Lizzo often dons powerful pantsuits in glam colours and patterns. To ensure the look is never too formal, she enjoys experimenting with structural elements like voluminous shoulder detailing. 

Most iconically, the artist paid homage to herself in a pair of pinstriped trousers inspired by her Number 1 hit single, “Truth Hurts.” A gold lamé and sequin “100%” adorned the typical office staple, elevating a typical trouser to a look fit for a performance.

If you’re feeling inspired by Lizzo’s confident look, skip the skirt and find yourself a pair of unique trouser pants and a blazer to wear to your next formal event. Anything with exaggerated features is a must-have for this feature of the Lizzo Wardrobe— shoulder pads, patent leather fabric, embroidery or embellishment all make for Lizzo-approved business attire. 

The most important part of a Lizzo-inspired wardrobe, however, isn’t the clothing. It’s the confidence.

With your shoulders back, hair tossed and nails checked, you’ll feel “good as hell” every time you walk out the door to tackle your day if you keep some Lizzo confidence with you.

Lizzo’s style is bold, brassy and unapologetic. It’s smart without ever being boring, glamorous without taking itself too seriously and confident without following many hard and fast “fashion rules.” This fashion philosophy, along with Lizzo’s signature self-assurance, makes her the perfect style icon and role model to look to this season!

Words by Madeline Pennington

Edited by Flora Fan

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