Burberry’s Christmas campaign depicts an eccentric British Christmas

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Burberry’s Christmas campaign has finally been revealed.

This years campaign is pivotal for the brand as it is their first release since their creative director, Christopher Bailey, left the label.

The short film titled, “Close your eyes and think of Christmas” boasts a star studded line up featuring Matt Smith, M.I.A, Kristen Scott Thomas, Naomi Campbell and Valerie Morris Campbell.



The vision for the campaign focuses on an eccentric British Christmas, which skips between reality and fantasy.

Though the campaign teeters on the eccentric side, the classic style of Burberry remains ever-present.

The signature trench coat which has become synonymous with the brand features heavily, as do scarves emblazoned with Ricardo Tisci’s new re-envisioned Burberry print.

The theme of this years advert are the trials and tribulations of a typically British Christmas.

Think awkward family gatherings, bad weather and delayed trains.

But instead of garish Christmas jumpers and thick woollen tights, as seen on most of us battling through the Christmas period, think simplistic, classic colours and prints.



But of course, the biggest talking point of the campaign is the inclusion of supermodel Naomi Campbell and her mother, Valerie Morris.

Naomi Campbell said, “over the past few years, Burberry has become known for these campaigns and I feel honoured to take part in another one.”

“I have always loved Burberry for its distinctive British feel and I am so excited to work alongside a cast which includes my own mother, Valerie. Working with her brought back so many memories of the holidays and traditions I had growing up – so that felt extremely special.”

The pair wear head to toe Burberry print from the upcoming collaboration with Vivienne Westwood.

They appear almost doll like as Naomi is pictured leaning on her mother’s knee while they smile off into the distance.

I wonder if that’s how they spend every Christmas evening?

The short video was directed and shot by Juno Calypso whose aim was to steer the Burberry advert in a different direction.

This latest film is worlds away from the musical explosions and the typical Christmas spirit we’ve seen from Burberry before.

Juno Calypso said, “I wanted to portray a more realistic British Christmas, but still shot through a fantasy lens. The campaign takes you through all the key seasonal rituals, both good and bad. That’s what brings us together.”

Calypso makes Christmas more stylish than ever before.

Words by Angelica Giugno

Edited by Holly Harper 





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