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Brushes: we’ve got it covered

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Make-up brushes are an essential in every girl’s make-up bag, they can either make or break a look.

So, it’s important to know what is out there in terms of price and quality and to understand what is worth delving a little bit deeper into your purse for. Let’s start with the basics…

Wilko is every student’s best friend. But, you may not consider it a make-up haven. However, their brushes are without a doubt some of the best bargain brushes on the market. Their stippling brush is perfect for working with any sort of powder. Whether it’s an all over face powder, a blush or a highlighter. It is also duo-fibre so it disperses the product really well; making sure that your powder never looks cakey.

wilko stipler

We love eyebrows. An angled brush and a cool toned eye shadow is the way to go. Wilko’s Premium Eyeliner brush offers precision and accuracy – it also works really well for creating that sought after feline flick.

wilko eyeliner

A beauty blogger favourite at the moment are the Zoeva brushes. In terms of price they offer a happy medium but the quality is unquestionable. Every girl needs a reliable blending brush (you know what they say, blend until your eyes and fingers hurt)! There is no need to rush out and buy the MAC 217, unless you want to of course. The Zoeva 288 Crease brush definitely does the job.

To create a ‘blown out’ smokey effect, the Zoeva Detail Shader fits perfectly under the eye. It’s also a great tool for smudging liner. Their brushes come in sets, which work out a lot cheaper – something to pop on your Christmas list!

Zoeva brushes

It’s time to bring out the big guns. When it comes to a foundation brush, it is maybe worth spending that little extra cash

The Chanel flat foundation brush is at the top of my list. Buffing brushes are all the rage. However, sometimes it’s best to go old school for that flawless looking base. The bristles are extremely soft and cover the face in no time, leaving you with that perfected base that is going to make any make-up look, look effortless.


Words by Becca Green

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