Bridget Jones’s Baby: You will love this long awaited sequel, slice off my head and boil it for supper if I am wrong

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that at some point in every young woman’s life they have found themselves in the shoes of Bridget Jones.

Perhaps not torn between the gorgeous Human Rights Lawyer Mark Darcy and the charming love guru Jack Qwant, but for the sake of relatability, club promoter Jamie and Nandos worker Tom will do.

Bridget is single again and has done the typical Bridget thing, she has found herself in a love triangle.

After having “relations” as she describes it with both of the heart-throbs within a week of each other she finds herself pregnant.

Lets say Bridget has a bun in the oven but is unsure of what type of flour she used…

Could it be the Plain Flour, classic, traditional, a household favourite but possibly a bit overdone – Mark Darcy


The fresh new alternative Quinoa Flour popular with hipsters the world over – Jack Qwant.

Tricky, very tricky…

With over a decade between filming, the third instalment of this romantic comedy series is like bumping into an old friend, except this friend is Bridget Jones, notorious spinster and now successful career woman.

Renée Zellweger makes you feel that no time has passed, although there was uproar when fans found out that she will not be gaining the extra weight which Bridget so famously despises and the majority of us fail to see, you will not question her as the character.

As the ultimate Mark Darcy fan girl I am ashamed to admit I found myself torn between him and Bridget’s new love interest, Jack Qwant (I’ll take the one she doesn’t want).

It not only exceeds expectation but has been branded “the best Bridget ever”.

With its classic plot, witty lines and scene stealing cameos, it could not have been done better.

Just as a warning, if you are as emotionally involved in Bridget’s love life as I am, prepare yourself. Do you remember when Bridget goes on a ski mini break, but cannot ski then proceeds to ski down the slope with no idea whether she will live or die. That is how you will feel.

You will honestly not be disappointed. Unless, you don’t care much for the character of Bridget Jones, but why would you be reading this if you didn’t.

Pick your side #definitelydarcy or #totallyjack


Words by Holly Brown

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