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BLYNK Lash & Brow Bar review

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Having always envied those with long, luscious eyelashes, I decided to take the plunge and treat myself to eyelash extensions. From classic lashes that ooze sophistication to their glamorous ‘Vegas’ lashes, Blynk offer a range of styles to ensure you receive your dream lashes. I opted for Blynk’s ‘Wispy’ style, where individual lashes are applied in varying lengths for a spiky Kim K look.

The procedure took just over an hour- it’s totally pain-free and I was grateful to be able to close my eyes and relax. I told the salon’s owner Erica how I’ve always had short and stumpy lashes (despite applying numerous coats of lash serum and various oils that were said to enhance growth). I was cynical about the extent the lash extensions could truly make a difference. However, I was amazed at the sight of my separated, lengthy, and wispy lashes when handed the mirror. The lashes weren’t like a strip-lash effect, they offered a less clumpy and more elegant look.

I was told to protect my lashes for 48 hours from water, and to then brush them daily (a brush is provided) with some oil-free micellar water. They also said infills would be required around 2-3 weeks later, and to not be overly concerned at the amount of shedding over the first few days as it is totally normal.

I received lots of compliments from my housemates when I got home and and could not stop fluttering my lashes. Over the next week or so, I did lose a fair few lashes, but they kept their wispy softness and the fall out was far more noticeable to me than to any of my friends.

Going to the gym makeup-free but with my lashes intact gave me a boost of confidence and unusually for me, I refrained from wearing any other eye makeup when I went out one evening, fully satisfied that my lashes were enough. Avoid any eye makeup that is oil-based to ensure your eyelashes retain their loveliness for as long as possible!

For my infills my lash technician was Angela, who had an impressive lash knowledge. I asked for a slightly fuller look this time and was once again overjoyed with the results.

Blynk has two salons in Sheffield, one on Chesterfield Road and the other in the city centre on Gibraltar Street. Both locations provide a stunning salon experience, with pink decor and music playing for you to sit back and relax to.

Prices range from £40 for classic lashes to £70-75 for a fuller Russian lash. I opted for wispy 50/50 lashes (a combination of classic and fuller lashes), which were £50.

Infills are £25 (or £20 for classic lashes)- the same price as a cocktail night out or an Uber Eats order.

For me, lash extensions are well worth the money.

Written by Hesther Farge

Edited by Rebecca Curry

Madeleine and Hesther are your health & beauty editors

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