Black Mirror: Bandersnatch review ‘is it finished yet ?’

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Our contributer Ellie Nodder gives her impression on the latest Black Mirror film ‘Bandersnatch‘ which Netflix released on 28th December 2018.

Being a keen lover of the dark world that Black Mirror invites its audience in to, I eagerly anticipated the release of the latest instalment in the form of ‘Bandersnatch’. I was ready for the psychological trauma that accompanies every episode and the deeply disconcerting ending that always completely messes up your mind. Unlike marmite, you have to both love and hate it.

Except- I didn’t. The premise of Bandersnatch sounded enthralling, the added suspense of it being interactive, something new to me and probably most other viewers, really adding to my excitement. The nation was in throes as we all collectively decided whether to give Stefan Frosties or Sugarpuffs for his breakfast, and what the consequences would be of doing so. But as the choices wore on, I kept waiting- for the hook, the bite, the moment that captured me firmly within the world Charlie Brooker created. Only it didn’t come, and I became increasingly more bored. I kept finding myself asking, “Is it finished yet?”, something I’d never done before with Black Mirror.

Some choices seemed to be redundant, and you got the option of turning back time and making another. But to me, even though I realised that this was to show that ultimately we didn’t have as much control over Stefan and the narrative as we were made to believe, rather than finding this exciting, I just found it frustrating as I made the wrong choice and accidentally killed characters off (sorry Stefan, Colin, Stefan’s dad, the weird guy at the video game company whose name I can’t remember).

Going back to the same scene over and over, trying to initiate an alternative ending became repetitive and boring, and at points I even contemplated not finishing it at all. And because of the multitude of choices, there is no run time, and so it’s impossible to know how close to the end you are, so it took me three different sittings to watch it rather than binge watching it all at once.

All in all, a pretty disappointing watch, and something that I don’t think I’ll be revisiting anytime soon. But still, though Bandersnatch was a disappointing instalment to a series I’ve quickly become attached too, I’m still hopeful for when the new season drops that we are brought back into the world of Black Mirror that we know, hate and love.

Words by: Ellie Nodder

Edited by: Amy Clarke

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