The best Halloween costumes for 2016

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Halloween is just around the corner. Now is the time when you’re frantically looking through your wardrobe deciding if you can really justify putting fake blood on the only white t-shirt you have, which was £10 from Topshop. Here are 10 current costume ideas from 2016 to give you a bit of inspiration this year.

Orange is the New Black characters 


This group costume is perfect for a group of girls. It’s so easy to make the costume which is always a bonus. This is definitely one of the best group costumes for girls this year and it would be so fun to do, especially if you all get ready together.


This one was inevitably going to be on the list. Say no more.



With the reboot of the original this year, it’s only right that this be on the list. Who doesn’t want to be armed with a proton gun? It’s great for a group of girls, or you could even do original vs remake if you had a group of guys dressing up with you.

Suicide Squad

Probably one of the most anticipated films of this year it’s only right this gets a mention. This will undoubtedly be one of the most popular group costumes of 2016. If you’re a Marvel fan, then this is the one for you.

Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton

Two of the most talked about people at this year. This costume is perfect for a couple and can it can be really funny. Another great thing about this one is that you can use wig for a Boris Johnson costume another night.



No matter what your political stance, this costume can be a right laugh. You can go all out patriotic and be kitted out in union jacks or get creative.

Pokemon characters

Pokemon Go was huge this year so Halloween is such a perfect excuse to wear your Pikachu onesie out (just think, after the party you’re already in your pyjamas so you can flop straight in bed). You can go as Pokemon or the trainers, there’s so much you can do for this costume. Just hope no one will judge you for playing Pokemon Go in real life.



Who doesn’t love Dory? This would be such a cute costume to do and really simple.


No Halloween costume list this year would be complete without clowns. You can make it a bit more girly and dress it up or go all out on a gore fest. Just make sure you don’t get arrested.

Stranger Things characters


If you haven’t seen the Netflix series Stranger Things by now then you must be on another planet. You could make a great Eleven costume cheaply and easily, but it might be best to grab a blonde wig and not shave your head. Or you could go as Nancy or Barb. Grab your group of friends for the whole cast.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The animated film this year has given the ninja turtles a well-deserved reboot. You can go all out and paint yourself green and carry nun chucks, or just wear an eye mask and a belt.

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