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A Makeover At M&S

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Our beauty ed, Carly, shows us that M&S isn’t just for maturer ladies. Here she tells us about the afternoon she spent having her make-up done on the M&S beauty counter and what she learnt.

As a 20-year-old beauty enthusiast I often sit in awe of so many beautiful girls on social media who can undoubtedly contour their faces to within an inch of their lives. I continue to wonder how on earth do they find the time to work such make-up magic everyday.

So with this in mind, I decided I needed to take action and teach myself how to apply certain products correctly to my face, as sometimes I resemble more Coco the Clown rather than Coco Chanel.

Needless to say as a young woman MAC is one of my favourite brands of make-up to wear. However the only downside is when having a makeover within their stores you have to initially pay £30 for an hours appointment where you get your eyes, lips, and face makeup applied. This doesn’t seem so bad, but once the makeup is complete, you get the £30 you paid for the makeover to redeem on products that would only roughly cover the cost of one bottle of foundation, leaving you saddened you cannot afford to buy more!

So I went to Marks and Spencer. A shop that many people my age would turn their noses up at with regards to make-up. Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised by the bright and airy space on the shop floor – in my Northampton store – and the large array of products they had to offer which I had no idea they sold. L’Occitane, Burts Bees, Fake Bake, Valentino – just to name a few.

I booked in for a long makeover and consultation – which I may add was free of charge – with beauty artist, Jackie who has previous experience working for the BBC.

She firstly asked me what I would like done, and taught me about the rituals of a good skin-care regime.

I said how I was interested in the idea of getting to know about contouring my face properly and what colours I should be wearing for the forthcoming summer months. This appointment was about experimenting with new products I hadn’t tried before.

Jackie made me feel at ease and began applying a light Marks and Spencer’s (own brand) ‘Autograph’ mousse foundation to my face as opposed to the slightly warm orange gloop I smear around my chops each and every morning. This matched my skin colour a lot better, and I felt aglow after the dewy ‘Lola’ primer was applied.

Then ‘Amazing Cosmetics’ concealer was put into operation around the area of my spots (which conveniently decided to break out the day of the makeover). I was told the concealer holds properties similar to products used to disguise deep scar wounds and burns on victims and is now used in the Hollywood film industry (so I had to buy it). Jackie also applied this product under my eyes to lighten my naturally dark bags. It’s AMAZING.

Then two *eye shadows were applied to my eyes. Bright pinks – something that I wouldn’t usually go for – but this was a bit of fun so I went with the flow and I could definitely see myself wearing these to a summer festival.

My eyebrows were then drawn on with a *thin brown pencil, and a *wet liner was applied to the lids of my eyes with a soft thin brush. The mascara was my own.

Finally we got down to the contour. Firstly a *matte bronzer was applied to the hollows of my cheeks, that is the part of the face just beneath the cheekbones. It works better if you pull a fish face, then you can really see the effect when applying the makeup with an angled brush. Then a highlighting stick was applied above my hollows that allowed for my cheeks to look more chiseled.

Lastly a *rosey crème blush was dabbed under the bronzer – using fingers – for a soft glow.

This was honestly such a nice experience and a great way getting to know what colours suit your skin tone the best. It brought me out of my comfort zone and made me realize that I have been stuck in my make-up ways for years, forever using golds, browns and never contouring.

Girls, there really is no danger with introducing bright and bold colours into your routine every once in a while and if you need help, Marks and Spencer’s is a great place to start and their products are gorgeous and really affordable when on a student budget!

* Autograph products

Words, Carly Roberts.

Jess is your Deputy Editor

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