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Seven snacks that are *actually* good for you

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I have THE biggest sweet tooth ever and that makes eating healthy a little bit more difficult for me. I do love my veggies, but I also love chocolate… Particularly cookies and brownies. And mince pies. And Galaxy caramel. And chocolate orange. And now I’m salivating.

Over the few years I’ve been on my fitness journey, I’ve discovered a few snacks that are a lot better for you than the cakes and biscuits you crave and they actually help get rid of that sweet craving. You know, the kind that nags away at 10pm when you have a deadline and then makes you devour a whole pack of Thornton’s miniature brownies… *Ahem*.

Read on for my top snacks that beat the munchies in a slightly healthier way.

Dark chocolate rice cakes

I top these with a drizzle of honey and various berries. It makes for a nice little dessert and they actually taste really indulgent. Mmmmmm.

Apple and Peanut Butter

Make sure you buy all-natural peanut butter, the only ingredients should be peanuts! Alternatively try almond butter, cashew butter or even coconut butter if you can find it. (Hello Holland and Barret!).

Nakd Bars

I love pretty much all the Nakd bar flavours, but these new chocolate ones are definitely my favourites! The cocoa orange really does taste like a chocolate orange (trust me) and they are all natural, no hidden nasty chemicals!

Options Chocolate Brownie Hot Chocolate

These hot chocolate sachets are amazing. They taste so velvety and chocolately it’s as if they are made from melted belgian chocolate like a proper hot chocolate should be. Great for cold winter nights!

Lindt Blueberry Dark Chocolate

I didn’t used to like dark chocolate, at all. But after trying various dark chocolate bars with different fruit in, I’ve been converted. This Lindt flavour is particularly satisfying. And, it’s so rich you only need 1 square!

Metcalfe’s Skinny Popcorn

I’m currently trying to convince my friend to eat better, it’s a very slow and uphill battle but he really likes this popcorn! We go to the cinema every week so we always share a bag of this instead of the overly sugared stuff they sell there. There are several different flavours to try too.

Strawberries and Mango

This combination together is so sweet and juicy, but completely guilt free! Hallelujah!

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Words by Kelsie Marsden

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