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Seven fun facts about being on the pill

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The majority of girls us are on it, so here are some interesting facts and myth-busters about one of the most popular forms of contraception.

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It doesn’t make you gain weight

It may make you have the munchies a little more, which would lead to weight gain, but there’s no reason you can’t resist.

You have to take the pill at the same time every day 

Unless you take the mini-pill – which you must take at the same time every day – there is no need for you to take the pill at the same time every day.

It doesn’t make you infertile 

It’s actually possible to get pregnant almost as soon as you stop taking the pill, regardless of how long you had been taking it before.

It can regulate your cycle

If you suffer with an irregular cycle, by sticking to the three weeks on, one week off schedule, you’ll find that your periods become much more regular and not so heavy.

It gives you bigger boobs

With all of the initial tests there was one marked pattern in all of the women: bigger breasts. The higher hormone levels from taking the pill mean that your boobies get a boost.

You *have* to have your weekly break

It’s not unhealthy to not have a period every now and then; the saying that your uterus has to have a ‘clean out’ is a myth.

The pill affects your sense of smell

… And thus can influence who you are attracted to.


Words by Lucy Abbersteen

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