5 Ways to make your Uni room feel more like home

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1. Plants

Having house plants in your flat literally brings the room to life. Plants can help you de-stress through stressful exam periods and also bring a sense of purpose as you have something to look after. As someone who has a few too many house plants, I may be a bit biased here but they can make any boring, drab uni room look a lot more attractive. The Students Union often hosts house plant sales where you can find all sorts of plants that suit your personality.

2. Photos

One of the best ways to customise your uni room to feel more at home is to add lots of photos. Whether you stand picture frames on your window ledge, string polaroids on fairy lights above your bed or just blue-tack your memorable moments to the wall, adding pictures of your family and friends (from uni and home) is a simple but effective way to decorate. You can use a FujiFilm Instax camera to take polaroid pictures on the go or print out your favourite memories on apps such as FreePrints. 

3. Cushions and Throw Blankets

Your uni room will most likely not include a sofa or a comfortable seating area so making the most of the bed space is important. Adding cushions and blankets to your bed will instantly make your room feel extra cosy for those lazy Netflix Sundays when the feeling of missing home hits you the most – even if, like me, you do just throw the cushions on the floor every night.

4. Lights

There’s nothing more demotivating than wanting to revise in the evening yet the main light will inevitably be too dull to even see your notes – the best way to fix this is to get a decent lamp for your desk. As well as this, fairy lights above your bed, around the window, above your desk (anywhere around the room basically) make the room feel more cute and cosy. 

5. Rugs

Typically, uni rooms will come with a plain, beach coloured wooden floor or something of similar unattractiveness. Adding a rug will make the floor much more attractive as well as being kinder to your aching feet after a long night out at Pop Tarts or Roar. Find a rug that adds a touch of your personality to the room and it will make your uni flat feel so much more homely. 

Words by Ella Craig, Edited by Saya Uotani

Saya and Hope are your lifestyle editors.

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