Five exercises for a bootylicious behind

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Whether you are a gym junkie like me or you feel you need a bit of a bum boost, these five exercises are bound to give you a little extra lift and plump. Aim for 3-4 sets of 20 reps if you aren’t using any weight, lower your reps to 8-12 if you are.

If you begin by using no weight, you should be able to graduate to using weights once you are used to the movement, this will really get you results. If you are unsure of the correct way to perform any of the exercises, take a look on YouTube for some demos.

1. Squats

Make sure you get nice and low to really get your muscles working! Keep your knees behind your toes to target glutes.

2. Lunges

These are great for your quads as well as your glutes.

3. Donkey kicks

These target the gluteus medius, the smaller muscle at the top of your bum, to really lift it up.

4. Split squats

A variety of exercises is good so you really target all the smaller muscles that make up your glute area.

5. Squat jumps

For an added cardio hit, to get you sweating! Make sure you squat nice and low and then drive through your heels to boost your jump, no half-measures or half-arsed efforts!

Words by Kelsie Marsden

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