Decorating your university accommodation on a budget

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Whether you`re in halls or you have your own house, making your room feel like home can be tricky. After watching many YouTube tutorials and spending hours scrolling through Tumblr, I have found many easy low budget ways to create a bedroom which displays your personality and utilises the limited space you have. Here are 6 easy ways to spice up your bedroom

1) Declutter your room for a minimalist look

First of all, as most university rooms are extremely small, you are going to want to try and keep your room minimalist. Since I have been working on having a more minimalist lifestyle I have found that I have felt a lot less stressed. I always believe that a clear and tidy room also equals a tidy mind. I follow the Konmari method for decluttering. This means that when you are tidying your room you want to do so in sections, so for instance I pile all my clothes on my bed. Then I look at each item individually and ask myself, does this piece of clothing make me feel happy and do I feel good in it – if the answer to those questions is no, then bon voyage!

2) Spice up your bedding to reflect your style

Now that you have decluttered your room you can utilise the items that you need and use them as decoration, such as your bedding. Urban outfitters have beautiful indie designs. However, as this article is about low budget décor Primark also have some great patterns to choose from.

3) Create a vision board which inspires you !

Now that you are an independent university student, it is important to stay motivated and on track with your goals. So get yourself on Tumblr or Pinterest and find pictures that inspire you.

Paperchase have some amazing posters which you can place on your walls such as my world map poster. However, if you are watching your budget, I would recommend using the postcards which they sell for less than £1. I would pick postcards which resonate with you, such as my postcard of a unicorn dressed as Liam Gallagher because I am a proud Mancunicorn.

4) Make a picture washing line

For this quick and easy DIY I bought some string from Wilkinson’s as well as some tiny wooden pegs and I printed some pictures and quotes and hung them up like a washing line on the wall facing my desk.

5) Add some flowers!

My favourite part of my bedroom is my cupboard where I have placed my Proteam red record player, my fake kodak camera which I use as an ornament from TK Maxx because I love photography, and also my fake sunflowers from Wilkinson’s which I placed in an empty Jack Daniels bottle (emphasis on empty).

The most important thing is that your university room is clutter free and makes you feel relaxed and happy when you spend time in there. Good luck with your decorating!

Words by: Amy Clarke

Edited by: Sarah-Louise Kelsey


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