Settling into University: the good, the bad and the amusing

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Starting university was a daunting prospect, and for me it meant moving 250 miles away from the comforts of home which was a scary thought. It turns out I didn’t need to be quite so paranoid. Now having lived in Sheffield for two months it’s begun to feel like home.

I was worried about how I was going to meet friends when I moved to Sheffield, but I threw myself into chatting to lots of people. I’d already lost my voice by the second day, which made talking more of a challenge, but it ended up being a great icebreaker in conversations. Ironic I know. Genuinely though I found lots of lovely people by just chatting away.

I was told by everyone to join loads of societies and clubs when I started university and to get stuck in. Joining clubs has helped the settling in process because I was able to try new activities like yoga and I’ve met other great people. But I was careful not to overload myself with too many clubs to make sure I didn’t end up stressing myself out.

I was also terrified that I’d be forever getting lost in Sheffield, and not be able to find my buildings for lectures. Luckily google maps was always there to save me when I’ve been disorientated. I still need it to get around at times because I’m not used to the size of the city, but I’m starting to get to know my way around more and explore what Sheffield really has to offer.

Overcoming homesickness is a battle but I made my room feel as homely as possible to make me feel more settled in Sheffield. I’m obsessed with my fairy lights and photos in my room. It was quite strange at first being away from my family and having to fend for myself instead. But I’ve got the hang of doing more adult things and looking after myself well. As I’ve got to know people better and I’ve got into the swing of being at university, being away from home has become easier.

Settling into university was a gradual process but I’ve been surprised at how quickly Sheffield has begun to feel like a new home.

Words by: Emma Dunn

Edited by: Sarah-Louise Kelsey

Saya and Hope are your lifestyle editors.

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