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15 Brilliant Brands Owned by POC

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Following current events, it is now as important as ever to support POC. We should be signing petitions, donating to just causes, sending emails to those in power who have a say in systemic change and raising awareness on racism.

Protesting, educating ourselves and just listening- there is so much that we can and must do. And another way we can show our support is by buying and sharing businesses and brands owned by POC, therefore increasing their visibility and celebrating their hard-work.

These amazing brands, amongst countless others, offer amazing products and services that we need in our lives ASAP.

1. Fenty Beauty

Founder: Rihanna

Available Where?: Harvey Nichols, Boots, Their Online Website

This brand has changed the beauty industry. Their very first product, the Pro Filter foundation, offered an amazing range of 40 different shades (which has since been expanded to 50!) and has continued to be a brand that promises and delivers full diversity and representation within their products to their loyal consumers.

After the brand’s continuing success, competitors have had no choice but to try and diversify their brand shades and follow suit (look at the backlash that Tarte Cosmetics received after they released a concealer with an astonishing lack of colour options for customers with darker skin tones) and why shouldn’t they? POC deserve a sense of belonging in the beauty industry.


Founder: Gynelle Leon

Available Where?: In Their London Store, Their Online Website

This local brand is London’s first boutique dedicated solely to cacti and other succulent plants, founded four years ago by working mum Gynelle.

Whilst the shop may be currently closed in the midst of the virus, you can still shop PRICK online. There, you can find plant pots, plants and their ‘Prick Book’, a book dedicated to helping your plants thrive in an easy-to-understand way.

3. Epara

Founder: Ozohu Adoh

Available Where?: Harrods, Apothecary, Their Online Website

Epara is the first luxury skincare brand aimed at women of colour.

The brand offers a collection of ‘hand-crafted skincare products tailored to the underserved needs of women of colour’. This brand caters to the issues affecting women of colour with products created to nourish and protect.

The range of products is 95-100% natural and makeup artist Kay Montano is amongst one of their many fans.

4. Godly Gorgeous

Founder: Andrea George.

Available Where?: Their Online Website

The Home Décor brand Godly Gorgeous provides stunning Christian prints and African American art, ready for your home.

Godly Gorgeous’ founder desired to start a movement in the industry. This brand, dedicated to providing products that excite you to ‘do more with Gods direction’, also offers t-shirts. And did I mention? It’s very affordable.

5. Beauty Bakerie

Founder: Cashmere Nicole

Available Where?: CultBeauty, Boots, Their Online Website

Voted in 2019 by Allure as ‘The Best of Beauty’, this brand is perfect for makeup-lovers and anyone with a sweet-tooth.

With names of products such as ‘Blending Eggs’, which is a box of six blending sponges, and ‘Flour Setting Powder’, a setting powder, this creative brand offers products with amazing quality at a mid-range price.

Beauty Bakerie is dedicated to encouraging men and women feeling empowered and beautiful, plus Cashmere’s journey as a young mother and her battle with breast-cancer is truly inspiring.

6. BlackGirl Suncscreen

Founder: Shontay Lundy

Available Where?: The Candour Beauty Website, Their Online Website

Founded in 2016, founder Shontay thought it was time to create a natural, non-white residue sunscreen brand for women of colour.

Their sunscreen uses no parabens or other harmful chemicals and doesn’t leave any white residue. BlackGirl Sunscreen is currently the only indie black-owned brand carried full time in Target’s sun-care section and the brand also secured a $1 million dollar investment this year.

7. Chalk Jewellery

Founder: Malaika Carr

Available Where?: Their Online Website

Chalk’s collections are inspired by architectural elements, bold and colourful cultural patterns and even everyday objects.

All pieces are hand-made and crafted by founder Malaika, an architect. The brand creates stunning jewellery pieces, including statement necklaces and elegant earrings.

The brand, which was founded 8 years ago, prides itself on making its unique pieces at affordable prices.

8. Pat McGrath Labs

Founder: Pat McGrath

Available Where?: Selfridges, Net-a-Porter, Their Online Website

Renowned makeup artist Pat McGrath is one of the most influential artists in the world.

The luxury makeup brand is well-sought after and for good reason. Her eyeshadow formulas are ridiculously pigmented and her makeup brand offers a large shade-range for their followers, with there being 36 shades for her cult ‘Sublime Perfection’ Foundation.

9. Pattern Beauty

Founder: Tracee Ellis Ross

Available Where?: Their Online Website

This brand is dedicated to celebrating natural curls.

This affordable brand offers products that hydrate your hair and keep curls ‘juicy and joyful’. Pattern Beauty also supports organisations and programmes that empower women and people of colour.

The products range from hair serums, to conditioners, to mini bundles and provides a curl guide to helping consumers distinguish, learn and care for their hair.

10. Partake Foods

Founder: Denise Woodard

Available Where?: Their Online Website

After realising her daughter had several food allergies, founder Denise set out to find healthy, allergy-friendly snacks and, when she found none, she made her own. Cue, Partake Foods.

With cookie flavours ranging from ‘Crunchy Carrot Cake’ to ‘Birthday Cake’, this brand promises snacks that are safe.

Partake also partners with Blessings in a Backpack every September, a non-profit organisation that provides food on weekends for school children. $1 dollar from every box of Partake cookies sold in Whole Foods Markets is donated to this organisation.

11. The Honey Pot Company

Founder: Bea Dixon

Available Where?: Amazon, Their Online Website

The Honey Pot Company is the first plant-based feminine care system on the market. Yes, we’re talking sanitary towels and tampons- how amazing is that? And currently, as I’m writing this, their website is almost fully-sold out.

Their products contain no chemicals, toxins or artificial fragrances and are powered by herbs. They’re also cruelty free.

Their slogan is my absolute favourite: “Made by humans with vaginas, for humans with vaginas.”

12. AAKS

Founder: Akosua Afriyie-Kumi

Available Where?: Their Online Website

This is a luxury accessories brand that creates hand-crafted luxury handbags that, as said by Akosua, “Seeks to create handcrafted quality bags in styles that maintain the spirit of Africa through weaving with bright, exuberant colours.”

Each silhouette is made as ‘unique and tells a different story through detail, colour and shape’. It’s not hard to see why these gorgeous hand-crafted bags, made in Ghana, have over twenty-four thousand Instagram followers.

13. IMAN Cosmetics

Founder: Iman (born Zara Mohamed Abdulmajid)

Available Where?: The Feel Unique Website, Amazon, Their Online Website

Founded by the legendary supermodel Iman, IMAN Cosmetics is a brand designed for, as said by the brand, ‘women with skin colour who represent many races, cultures and ethnicities’.

The brand has developed a large following with their well-received products, such as their foundations and concealers, with darker skin tones at its core.

Before Fenty Beauty, IMAN Cosmetics was a brand fighting for diversity within the beauty industry for women of colour.

14. Nubian Skin

Founder: Ade Hassan

Available Where?: ASOS, House of Fraser, Their Online Website

This brand provides nude lingerie and hosiery for women of colour after founder Ade was frustrated with the lack of skin-tone choices.

“My nude isn’t the nude I see in shops.” Ade Hassan said. “Despite the reality that women of colour have the same needs when it comes to lingerie and hosiery, the industry simply doesn’t cater to us. I thought it’s time to rethink the definition of nude.” Hassan was awarded in 2017 an MBE for her services to fashion.

Available to buy on huge online retailers such as ASOS, Nubian Skin provides the essential underwear needs for women of colour.

15. BeautyStack

Founder: Sharmadean Reid

Available Where?: The App Store

See It, Like It, Book It.

British brand BeautyStack is an app that allows users to browse beauty looks and then book the artist who did it.

The app offers treatments such as makeup, lashes, nails, brows, wigs and braids and provide experienced ‘BeautyStack Pros’, ready for you to book.

By supporting businesses and brands owned by POC, we can empower and help contribute to a greater representation of POC in different industries.

Written by Madeleine Gill

Madeleine and Hesther are your health & beauty editors

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