10 tips to get you through the exam period

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I am the first person to hold my hands up and say that, until very recently, I have always been crap at getting organised for exams. But I’ve turned a new leaf and thought I’d share my pearls of wisdom with our readers – particularly those of you who are currently stressing out. Enjoy ’em.

1. Make a schedule 

Plan what you’re going to do each day and for how long, with regular breaks to let your brain absorb things. If you’ve got a visible timetable you need to stick to it’s far easier to be disciplined with yourself.

2. Eat, drink and sleep enough 

It sounds like an obvious one but it has to have a mention. Eat. Drink lots of water. Sleep. Making sure you’re getting enough nutrients and catching the right amount of Zs will mean that your mood is all the better for revising.

3. Create a tick list

I don’t care what you say, ticking things off a list gives you a good sense of accomplishment and keeps you motivated. Display it somewhere you’ll see it often and enjoy crossing the stuff off you’ve done. You go, girl.

4. Find your perfect workspace 

There’s no use going to the library every day if it’s where you’re least productive. If you need a gingerbread latte and a cosy Starbucks environment in order to crack on then that’s exactly where you should work.

5. Treat yourself to some stationery

Sometimes buying a pack of  highlighters or sticky notes is the thing you need to motivate you into starting work. Buying things is good for the soul, anyway.

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6. Go over things again and again and again…

Repetition is key to engraining information in your brain forever (or at least until after the exam). Test yourself, rewrite your notes, go to sleep listening to a recording of yourself reading from the textbook. Whatever you need to drum it into your head.

7. Make sure you get some fresh air

It sounds obvious, but make sure you work a change of scenery into your revision schedule. Going for a brisk walk – even if just for 10 minutes – will release endorphins and keep your spirits up during revision time.

8. *Try* to save checking social media for breaks 

I find this damn near impossible so I won’t blame you if you can’t totally shut off. But give it your best shot. Or, if you have stellar self-restraint, log yourself out until you reach the end of the unit you’re on. God, I admire people like that.

9. Keep it colourful

Making your notes a little bit jazzy will help them stick in your mind. Don’t overdo it though, it’ll be useless if you spend 2 hours colouring in pretty diagrams for every 10 minute of note-writing.

10. Keep the end goal firmly in sight

Whether you’re studying to become a doctor, lawyer, teacher, journalist, astronaut… keep that firmly in your mind. It’ll spur you on and help you to whack those exams out of the park.

Got any tips you think we’ve missed? Comment below!

Words by Lucy Abbersteen

Aminah Khan is your Editor-in-Chief

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