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Beauty hacks that will make your day a lot easier

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If you’re like me, you’ll look for shortcuts in everything you do, it’s just human nature. My beauty routine isn’t any different – I wanna look good, but I don’t want to spend hours making it happen. Or spending a large amount of money on it, I’ve got food to think about. Here are some timeless beauty hacks that will save you time and money, whilst still looking flawless. You’ll thank me later.

Meal Makeover Moms, Flickr

Meal Makeover Moms, Flickr

Behold, the oil of the gods, coconut oil. Is there anything this magic stuff can’t do?!

  1. Hair – you can use this stuff for various hair treatments. Giving your hair the TLC it deserves doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. For a dandruff treatment, apply the coconut oil to your roots and scalp, let it set for 15 minutes, then shampoo it out.  You can also put it on the ends of your hair to tame any frizz, can your hair afford to be without this stuff?!
  2. Skincare – Coconut oil can be used as a shaving balm. No more spending £3 on shaving cream that’s basically the same as a cheap shampoo. Apply a thin layer of the oil over your legs and shave away. Mmm, smoothness. It can also be used as a night cream when mixed with moisturiser, try it, you won’t regret it.

Now for my second miracle substance. Vaseline. I used to only use it on my lips, I definitely wasn’t using it to it’s full potential.

Prateek Bahl, Flickr

Prateek Bahl, Flickr

  1. Skincare – This can also be used instead of shaving cream, whilst also moisturising that dry skin you get from hot showers and baths. 2 in 1 is always good. Also, apply it to those chapped hands in cold weather.
  2. Makeup – Vaseline can also be used to tame unruly eyebrows, as a sort of setting gel. No need to buy that £20 setting gel from Boots anymore. It can also be applied to eyelashes to make them appear thicker, apply mascara over it and voilà. Thicker lashes without having to use falsies! Vaseline can also be used as a base before applying eye shadow, making it last longer. Try rubbing it on your teeth (sounds grim I know) to stop getting lipstick on your teeth. The possibilities are endless.
  3.  Perfume – Want to make that amazing smell last longer? Add Vaseline to the places you spray your perfume before you put it on. The smell will last all day!

Having problems with that gunky, old nail varnish that you can’t seem to throw away? Put it in the fridge for 15 minutes before use and it’ll go on smoother. If that doesn’t save it, pour a tiny bit of nail varnish remover in with it and shake it to mix. A quick fix to lumpy nail varnish!

Need your nails to dry fast? Fill a bowl with cold water and submerge your nails into it. It will make the varnish dry quicker to stop those annoying smudges or chips when you have literally just applied the varnish. A true saviour of a hack for when you’re in a rush.

Now for brush cleaning.  A laborious task we all dread doing, but it has to be done. Who wants to shell out money on a brush cleaning solution when you can concoct one from stuff you already have in the house? Combine 1 cup water, 1 tbsp. of dish soup, and 2 tbsp. of vinegar, and rub your brushes around in it then rinse. All clean!


Words by Lucy Jones



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